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Let’s talk about sex (but not in front of the kids!…)

A few weeks ago a tweet caught my eye, it was from someone who was trying to drum up signatures to a petition regarding the new and improved ‘compulsory’ sex education lessons for children in UK schools from the age of five. 1,396 more words

Just Plain Wrong


“Rory MacLeod is a bold and powerful Highland Chief with only one allegiance – to his clan, He vows revenge against the rival Mac Donald clan, though duty demands a handfast marriage to Isabel MacDonald – a bride he does not want and has no intention of keeping. 539 more words

Hot N Sexy

PURE SIN by Susan Johnson - My First Hot Novel


Lady Flora Bonham couldn’t help but be tantalized by Adam Serre’s potent sensuality. It made no difference that she’d only just met the exotic half-blood or that he was the scandal of polite society. 407 more words

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Two days in a row? Has hell frozen over?

Well OK to be honnest this isn’t going to be a long post – more an excuse to show a really kool (see as I am now over 30 I intend using ‘cool’ in a post modern ironic kina way) music video (please note that this deals with adult themes and sexually sergestive themes as well – great bring it on!)

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The joys of age!

It has become rather interesting, how, since my 30th Birthday, I have started to notice the simple joys in life. I have just returned from seeing the rather good Bourne Ultimatum; and in the 20 minuets before the film started (as is always the case) there came on an advert for some of the services and promotions that the cinema do – the one that caught my eye (and also monkey’s) was for the silver screen service (its aimed at the more mature market) which gave you not only a classic film but also a cup of tea (served in a teapot!) and a selection of busicuts. 131 more words

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Horray! Its over! No more cocks!!

Well its done – its all over! no more cutting out cocks or looking at lady bits (eewww! thats where germs come from acording to a close personal friend). 76 more words