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Kanye West graces TIME magazine!

He’s listed as one of the most influential people!! You can read the article here : http://t.co/T9E4V6qDEf

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Netflix Original Series, Daredevil

Yes they did! Marvel teamed up with Netflix to create an original series based on the venerable Daredevil. 13 episodes of season one were released simultaneously this past Friday. 422 more words

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Meeting the global food demand of the future by engineering crop photosynthesis and yield potential: A metareview

Yep, this is a review of a review. This review. Written by Stephen Long, Amy Marshall-Colon an Xin-Guang Zhu, it was published in Cell last month. 405 more words

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The future is bright for CRISPR-Cas based synthetic genetic circuits!

This blog focuses on plant synbio it’s true, but I couldn’t resist mentioning one of the latest developments in CRISPR-Cas that’s sure to make waves across synbio of all types: RNA scaffolds for creating modular CRISPR-guided genetic machinery! 581 more words

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Hot Off the Press | April 2015 Releases

Check out my top picks for April's new book releases!

April will be one of my shorter book hype blog posts. Don’t get me wrong; this list is… 322 more words

Editors commentary: Showing our weaknesses

The West is beginning to show it is vulnerable.

And people like President Putin of Russia and extremist groups like Islamic State know it.

Recently the defence secretary Michael Fallon warned that Russia would test Nato’s resolve in the Ukraine and that it is likely that President Putin will soon seek to destabilise the Baltic States. 176 more words

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