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[mise en scene] - Hair Mask Treatment

┬áHi peeps! So, a friend gave me a couple of these and I thought I’d review it. I honestly am not even sure of the name of this thing, I just know it is a hair mask treatment, because every thing is written in Korean. 827 more words

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Hot Oil Treatment Explained

Having healthy natural hair is the result of many haircare practices. The hot oil treatment is just one of those practices. Hot oil treatment is as simple as it sounds. 404 more words


Coconut Oil Does Not Work For Me!

There are two natural moisturizers that I consistently see naturals using; shea butter and coconut oil. When seeing the results that other naturalistas achieve I figured that I would give these products a try. 454 more words

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How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Two years ago I made the worst mistake of my life and cut off my luscious mermaid hair. I did not tell my family that I was about to chop my hair off, and when I came home after my mom refused to talk to me for a week. 342 more words


For my hot oil treatment the only thing that stays the same is me spraying my hair with water. After that it’s whatever I have on hand. 270 more words

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Trader Joe's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

I am not a fan of greasy hair and that is exactly how I thought my hair would feel if I ever used Coconut Oil on my hair. 211 more words

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