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Never again the Hot Pocket times

Spent my whole morning reviewing the contents of my hot pockets, now available in liquid form. Had to throw out the garbage can. 0/10 would not recommend.

Toaster oven works okay, though.

If teardrops were pennies, and heartaches were gold, I'd have all the riches my pockets could hold...

So, my oven’s dead, right?

Sucks shit and I hate my oven-less life, but until I get a new one, I bought a toaster oven so I can make complicated toast and easy bake bagels like an adult. 150 more words

Things You Shouldn't Say In A Crowded Starbucks

Things you shouldn’t say in a crowded Starbucks:

#1: Bomb

Yeah, that’s actually about it.

Truthfully, there aren’t really many places where that word is… 752 more words

Should You Be Excited for World of Warcraft: Legion?

If you’re like me, you pre-ordered World of Warcraft: Legion just to play the new Demon Hunter class before everyone else. Unlike me, you’ve probably been playing for the past six years. 1,037 more words


More Than Hot Pockets!

Allow me to be frank, if you’re not watching The Jim Gaffigan Show, you’re a dum dum. And I don’t mean the tiny delicious fruit flavored lollipops. 908 more words

TV Writing

THE HOT POCKET v.s. The Earth's Majestic Crust

Starting a science post with a comparison between the earth and a hot pocket is always bound to pique one’s interest. Actually, this post will  835 more words


Brocoli Cheddar Cheese

This is my very first post. YEAH!

I use to keep journals when I was younger. I have a decent sized box full of old journals. 112 more words