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Ode to the Lean Pocket, haiku written while I made lunch

Rubber crust somehow

lava hot yet still frozen

is this really food?

My roommate forgot to throw his lean pocket package away and it took me back to every single time I have eaten a Hot Pocket or a Lean pocket. 162 more words


Turtle-ly Awesome Hidden Pocket

Have you ever stayed in a hotel room, hostel, or even just a day trip out in your car? The feeling of having to carry around more money or credit cards than you feel safe with is kind of scary, and you can’t just leave money or cards in your car or hotel room. 339 more words

Steak, Cheese, and Evil

Hot pockets are either

a. Warm on the outside and frozen on the inside

b. Hot enough to melt your soul through your eyeballs, detaching your face into a steaming pile of steak and brains. 7 more words



My parents were teenagers in the 60s and 70s and parents of young children in the 70s and 80s when microwaved, processed, convenient food was all the rage. 479 more words

A To Z Challenge

Easy Homemade Pizza Pockets

I am thankful for my husband for many reasons- not only does he love me, but he goes above and beyond for our family, he makes me laugh every. 554 more words


Recipe: Hot Pockets

My mother fed me delicious home-cooked meals for 18 years, only to watch me jump out of the nest and into a world filled with french fries and pre-packaged preservatives. 261 more words

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