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Low Carb Ham and Cheese "Hot Pockets" with Hatch Chiles

I’ve been in search of non-eggy low carb breakfast foods because I am trying to be healthy but I hate, truly hate, eggs. When well-meaning internet sources suggest what they claim will be “non-eggy!!!11” breakfast foods, they need to just shut their evil faces, because those dang low carb pancakes ALWAYS taste like eggs. 397 more words

Veganism and the Sacred Cow

Meatism is a lifestyle choice very deeply rooted in a modern society based on Freneticism. Big lies fuel bigger enterprises. Veganism threatens the BIG LIE with mere truth, but that hardly stops Meatists does it? 407 more words


Kiefer Sutherland Is Trying To Force Jim Gaffigan To Eat Weird Boston Hotel Food For Some Reason

A comedian’s life on the road is probably pretty rough at times. A different random hotel every few nights, crappy take out for multiple meals a day, and less-than-ideal travel methods ranging from overnight car rides to ill-timed flights while sitting in a middle coach seat. 451 more words

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Healthy Mexican Hot Pockets (Chimichangas!)

When I was twelve, I. Ate. Everything. Breakfast consisted of two waffles lathered in peanut butter and drenched in syrup, usually accompanied by a tall glass of whole milk. 499 more words

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Jim Gaffigan -- Hot Pockets

What with all the heavy stuff going on lately, I’m in need of a bit of humor.  Jim Gaffigan has this running joke about Hot Pockets that I love.  Enjoy…


Friday Funnies...Hot Pockets

After watching this I dare you to go to the store, walk past the freezer aisle and not think of this when you pass some Hot Pockets.


 Turkey mozzarella puffed pockets

These were so yummy. Something I just threw together for lunch today because nothing in the pantry sounded good, and they turned out awesome.  This recipe is for 1 single pocket but you can make as many as you like of course. 122 more words

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