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Swamp Cooler

It was a hot Summer evening, about a week ago. The sun was just going down and I was coming home from a long day of grocery shopping. 1,286 more words

The worst pop song since Rebecca Black's "Friday" has arrived

It’s called “Chinese Food” and waxes poetically about the glory of consuming Chinese food.

Do you love fried rice? Chow mein or egg rolls maybe? Does it taste so so so good? 167 more words

Entertainment And Culture

Ridiculous Pop Culture: Music Videos gone VIRAL!

By Kevin & Juntong, 12A15 ||

With the exception of neanderthals, cavemen and other weirdos, I’m sure we’re all aware of the recent (and not-so-recent) string of viral music videos that have taken the world by storm through the deft usage of poor singing, ridiculous lyrics, and plain nonsense. 503 more words

The Hobbit Hole

Okay let's write something about the Olympics

Sure, it started a while ago. But there are sooo many bloggers who are gonna blog about it so I thought I won’t bother. Yet, here I am writing about it. 400 more words


Oh! Hot Problems!... make me hate my life.

So, I assume that any self-respecting human-being on this planet-ruled-by-technology, has seen the latest trending music video of embarrassment to the human race, “Hot Problems”. Other than that I thought it would be more reasonable to name it “HOTT Problems” after considering the content, there were quite a few things I, personally, found disturbing on more levels than I could count…. 113 more words


Classy vs. Unclassy: #TanningProblems & Obama

  • The weather’s getting warm here in NYC. It’s time to flash those pretty legs and bare arms! Skirts, tanks, sundresses, shorts, sunglasses. So lovely. Summer weather and summer clothes though, so 
  • 469 more words