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May 1

While I’m on the subject of regional pride…

What is it that instills this emotion? An athlete from the region makes the big show; a local teacher becomes an astronaut; a garage start-up becomes a multi-national success? 263 more words


Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

Hmm.  Feb.12th.  Birth anniversary of Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, and possibly the greatest ballet dancer of all time Anna Pavlova.  Six brand spankin’ new Abraham Lincolns (a/k/a fins; a/k/a five-dollar bills) crossed my palm unexpectedly yesterday — how cool is that?   67 more words

Sun King King's Reserve Hot Rod Lincoln Release Feb. 5

The King’s Reserve is back! Indianapolis’ Sun King Brewery has another barrel-aged, limited release locked and loaded for us, unleashing Hot Rod Lincoln in 16oz screw-top cans on Thursday, Feburary 5. 63 more words

Beery News

Stuck In My Head - Commander Cody

Hot Rod Lincoln – Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen

Got this one stuck in my head today, and I have no problems with that! 9 more words

Rocket 88?

Anybody else notice a sharp increase in crazy aggressive drivers lately?  This morning, I pulled into the left lane on Eglinton preparing for a left turn ahead, when some firecracker roared up behind me, getting right on my tail, inches from my bumper. 65 more words