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Red, White, and Black - And Fake Walnut

In an automotive world gone Grey, Gunmetal, Smoke, Dusk, and Shadow…it is refreshing to see someone who can at least admit to black, white and red. 553 more words


The Pink Bits - Curves On A Grand Scale

This is the automotive embodiment of a lascivious dream. The sort of car your Mother warned you about. The kind of car that blonde sex stars would have driven.  350 more words


1961 In The Bush - The Holden EK

Here’s one for the North American or South Canadian readers. You won’t see these on every street corner in your town – they are rare enough now in Perth. 486 more words


"If It Was Blue, Who Could?"

I am willing to send a special prize to the first one of my readers who can tell me from where that phrase comes. I know, and if you do too, you are as old and weird as I am. 363 more words


The Nuptial Krautwagen

I am a firm fan of weddings, having starred in one 43 years ago, and having drawn beer money from others ever since. I have been taking wedding photos since the 1970’s and by and large have enjoyed the sport – and I’ve seen a lot of wedding cars in that time. 418 more words


Let Me Show You My Insides

No, really – come back! I’ve just been to the Hot Rod And Street Machine Spectacular and the crowds weren’t too bad. A few minutes hacking away in front of the Oldsmobiles with a machete and you could get an unobstructed view of the whole car. 477 more words