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Taking Down The Pictures - Putting Up The Pictures

Wow. I never thought I would have the courage – the courage to take down most of the pictures from the walls of my studio. 162 more words


Personal Car - The Mighty Metropolitan

When you think of motor cars you generally think of car doors. Some have two, some have four, and some have five. And some have none – like the Goggomobile Dart. 334 more words


Personal Car - À rebours

This, I believe, is the car Joris -Karl Huysmans would have owned had it been available in the 19th century. I must re-read À rebours to see if the colour is possible, but the basic premise of the car is correct to the text. 375 more words


Personal Car - The Pirate

Don’t ask me why, but the frontal view of this Volkswagen bus of the 1960’s reminds me of a pirate. Perhaps it is the raised windscreen panel looking like an eye patch – perhaps it is the devil-may-care attitude of the thing. 197 more words


Personal Car - Who Stole My Caravan?

For the North American and South Canadian readers – the standing joke in Australia at Easter used to be the propensity of old fogeys to hook up large caravans to Toyota Crown sedans and then block two lanes of traffic everywhere as they slowly cruised around the country. 323 more words


Personal Car - A New Series

Ford did it. Or rather, Ford said it – in 1955.

They introduced the Ford Thunderbird two-seater motor car to try to recapture some of the market from the British and European sports cars and the Chevrolet Corvette. 437 more words


The Annual Show

Lots of things are annual – every date on the calendar as it happens – but some things are more annual than others. Today was no exception – the annual Father’s Day hot rod show at St. 541 more words