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Puzzle Badge - Puzzle Car

I have been searching for some time for information that will let me make a sensible column about this Studebaker car – I am still in a quandary about it but hopefully one of my readers will set me right. 335 more words


It Is A Ford

This should soothe all the Henry’s out there who had to look at a Chevrolet in a previous column. They can stop glaring and sweating and unclench their fists. 294 more words


It's Not A Ford

That may seem like a strange title for a column, but it would seem that some portions of the motoring world need reminding that not everything that rolled had Henry’s fingerprints on it. 440 more words


Atsa Nice...Atsa Really Nice.

What’s small, square, blue, and full of Italians?

A FIAT station sedan, that’s what. A 1964 100D Riviera in two-tone to be exact. Sit-up styling with just enough of the Pininfarina to jazz up the edges and give it balance. 148 more words


The Silver Blob

This is not a ghost story. The car that you see in this column really exists.

I went to the Brockman  Port-To-Whiteman Park run not really expecting to see much new – after all I had been to a number of vintage and veteran shows in the last couple of years and how many more new old cars could there be out there? 590 more words


" I Thought They Brewed Beer In Milwaukee..."

You’re thinking of Pabst, Schlitz, and Blatz. This is Schacht. They brewed cars.

First car in the rows at Fremantle last Sunday – the rear-engined Schacht. 437 more words


Yellow Bucket

I was delighted to find this Ford Bucket at Gillam Drive 2014 because I knew it would allow me to say something in a positive light. 525 more words