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Light Green And Not Mean

If you are indifferent about Oldsmobiles you can go away – just go away. This blog will do you no good at all.

The rest of us can thoroughly enjoy ourselves with the 50’s beauty that was lurking under the trees at the Hot Summer Night 2015 car show. 260 more words


You Push The Little Valve Down...

And the coolness goes round and round – woah-oah-oh-oh – and it comes out…

Well it comes out in the back seat, actually – or at least part of it does. 288 more words


Two Storey Hot Rod

Up until now the trucks that have shown up at hot rod shows in WA have been the smaller-sized ones. There are a few larger lorries at Whiteman Park but that is a preserved car show rather than a rod show. 199 more words


The Blue Bird Of Happiness - The Mathematics Of Luxury

I have just figured out the age equation for motor cars – it is the sort of thing we calculate for dogs vs humans to see how old our pet is . 700 more words


"How Come The Cops Always Stop Me?"

Well, you see it’s like this…

Sometimes the urge to draw attention to yourself is almost overpowering. And I suspect that for the owners of some motor cars the basic design of the body and running gear never actually allows them enough mental breathing space to avoid this sort of show. 285 more words


Driving A Laughing Stock - The Courage Of The Edsel Owner

Let me say at the outset of this blog that I am on the side of the owner of the Edsel – and of the P-76 – and of the owner of every other motor vehicle that has become the butt of jokes – jokes that can sometimes be at the expense of truth and rational thought. 557 more words


The Coolest Kid In Town

We often use this expression to describe some teenage tearaway or the latest stubbled cinema star – I think it was Madonna some time ago – but really how close do any of them get to it? 195 more words