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When The Chips Are Down....Get A Valiant

The Nostalgia Drags was an interesting experience – part sport, part party, part car show, and part confusion.

To their credit, the organisers – the Cranksters –  seemed to have the thing flowing smoothly. 394 more words


Pinup Maternity Shoot by Jotography

Well a previous client and a friend asked me a couple of months ago about shooting a maternity pinup shoot with old cars and a cool location, so the Skelly station came to mind right away, so I said sure, this would be a fun project.  322 more words


Beauty Is In The Eyeball Of The Beholder

Did you ever have one of those feelings? Like when you start watching a teenage slasher movie and they go into the old, dark house. And the black guy goes into the deserted room first. 377 more words


Luzerne Armoured Confectioners Brigade

Here’s a little known fact  – the Swiss Army maintains a fleet of dispensary vans and armoured chocolate carriers for deployment in times of war or other national emergency. 222 more words


Traction Avant

If there is one enduring image that I have taken from G. Simenon’s “Inspector Maigret” television series it is the sight of the Citroen TA. 186 more words


Thar She Blows

I have always had a regard for Cadillac motor cars – the sort of  admiration that borders on horror. They always seemed to be too much – too much metal, too much luxury, too much weight, too much style. 247 more words


I Spy WIth My Little Eye - The Interior Story Part Two

When you finally get to shoot the interior of the car through the window – and if you are lucky enough to fid a car with the passenger’s side window rolled down – you can start to experiment – and to succeed. 615 more words