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A Good Idea At The Time

From time to time, we encounter things that surprise us and cause us to ask ourselves ” What were they thinking? “. This applies to politics, clothing design, and reality television. 168 more words


The Golden Idol

Sounds like an Indiana Jones episode, doesn’t it?

Well this GLDNIDL was found on the grounds of the Guildford Cricket Club at this year’s Hot Summer Nights show – which I must give a two-thumbs-up hearty endorsement to as far as car shows in Perth. 557 more words


Miller, Edmonton. Home Of The Whales.

I did not know what to expect on a visit to a nearby suburb for their ” Guys And Dolls Car Show ” . It was a loose-end Sunday and I had plenty of time to saunter over. 487 more words


Factory Fresh

I recognised it in an instant.

That factory-fresh custom paint finish that defies time. This car first came to my attention – and I featured the first picture of it – last year when I found it in McCallum Park. 76 more words


Come In And Sit Down

We are strange creatures when it comes to selecting a car. We agonise over the specifications on the internet or on a printed pamphlet. We read no end of motoring books. 599 more words


Down 't Snake Pit

I should never have thought of the Willeton Reserve as a snake pit. At least not in the same way as the old Scarborough Snake Pit – the seaside carpark and milk bar haunt of the Bodgies and Widgees here in Perth. 426 more words


Sports Car Show Near My Local Shopping Centre? Don't Mind If I Do!

It was just going to be a normal Sunday – up on the studio roof repairing a leak with an aluminium plate and silicone sealer, then home to spray paint the top of a little Pontiac Catalina, then finish an Augustan novel. 492 more words