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It Takes A While To Digest A Fat Rat

This vehicle appeared in this year’s Hot Rod and Street Car show but I have just now gotten around to considering it. It takes a deal of looking. 199 more words


The Smallest Car Agency In The World

That might be a bit of a misnomer. The post isn’t really about small agencies, but rather about small cars. Not as small as model cars, but small enough. 663 more words


I Really Must Get New Glasses...

I think I am seeing double. The grille on that ’32 Ford looks like it is two grilles side by side.

Wait a minute. It IS two grilles side by side. 278 more words


Dad Power At the Hot Rod Show

Yay! How cool is this.

I’ve seen the ’34 Ford kid car and the ’32 Ford pusher with the working headlights at the Victorian Hot Rod Show in Melbourne. 125 more words


Motoring From Moora

190 kilometres. On a cold winter’s day to get to the BP service station.. for a cold winter’s night. Now that’s dedication. The owner drove this 80’s Chrysler down last Saturday week to Baldivis. 390 more words


Who Owns The Street Corner?

If you meet with your friends on the corner of Vine Street and Maple Avenue…under the street lamp, at 5:00 in the afternoon…and spend three hours talking about this and that…and then go home…have you committed any offence? 321 more words


Yellow Bird

Here’s a car that has appeared twice in two years at the VHRA show – 2015 and 2016. On both occasions it was an outside visitor rather than a floor display. 376 more words