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The Nuptial Krautwagen

I am a firm fan of weddings, having starred in one 43 years ago, and having drawn beer money from others ever since. I have been taking wedding photos since the 1970’s and by and large have enjoyed the sport – and I’ve seen a lot of wedding cars in that time. 418 more words


Let Me Show You My Insides

No, really – come back! I’ve just been to the Hot Rod And Street Machine Spectacular and the crowds weren’t too bad. A few minutes hacking away in front of the Oldsmobiles with a machete and you could get an unobstructed view of the whole car. 477 more words


Fully Sick. But Expected To Recover.

I have returned home from the Hot Rod and Street machine spectacular and am willing to attest under oath that is is a spectacle. I am too young to have seen the destruction of Pompeii or the HINDENBURG crash in New Jersey but I feel that this weekend has somewhat lessened my sense of frustration. 570 more words



I didn’t say it – he did. Travis Corich. The chap who painted pin stripes on my Fujiflm EF 42 flash last year at the Hot Rod Show. 120 more words


And Yet Another Car Shoot Post - Go To Bed, Already.

No, no, just one more. I promise it will be short. Sort of…

When you visit people you have to be careful – it does not do to see too much in their houses or in their cars. 59 more words


Saved By A Kindly Fate

Sometimes we do not recognise the danger we have been in until it has long passed – and we can look back in amazement at what might have been. 417 more words


When The Chips Are Down....Get A Valiant

The Nostalgia Drags was an interesting experience – part sport, part party, part car show, and part confusion.

To their credit, the organisers – the Cranksters –  seemed to have the thing flowing smoothly. 394 more words