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The Proof Is In The Pooting

Pardon the pun. I am under stress in a German small goods shop and it brings out the wurst in me…

Actually I ‘m not sure if I am having a bad time or a good time – the Little Studio computers have keeled over and are being rebuilt at a repair shop. 522 more words



Draw closer, miniaturists and model makers, and I will tell you a tale to gladden your hearts.

My birthday occurred recently. Not the original one – that was waaaay back. 383 more words

Hot Rods

Where, Oh Where...?

And why, oh why…have the drive-in burger stands of my youth disappeared from Perth?

We never had as many of the things as they had in North America but we did have two or three notable ones. 200 more words


The Board Of Sad

I put my car in for service at the agency that sold it to me – they continue a warranty for another 5 years on the cigar cutter and the drink holder that way. 199 more words


Deaf, Pregnant, and Arrested

Just letting you know the fate of any young women who are going to be passengers in this van. Or so the urban legend would have it. 223 more words


Rainy Day Lovers

I am never discouraged by accounts of torrential rains during holidays and vacations – I have endured solid drizzle at Taminick under canvas in a wool tunic and know that you can survive pretty much anything if you are determined to have fun. 270 more words



Crwzzn, indeed. And this is the sort of crwzzn that I thoroughly approve of – not only can you go for a burger in this rod, but you can go for sheets of plywood and bags of cement at Bunnings or a weekend down at Margaret River with equal ease. 482 more words