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Rose Harissa - A Hot and Fragrant Spice Paste to Liven Up Almost Anything

I don’t know about you, but my spice cupboard{s} runneth over. Like the hall closet we had growing up, when I open the doors to my spice stash something inevitably jumps out. 1,201 more words


Charity fundraising, Huy Fong, China World, Kimlan vinegar, hot and sour soup mix, 3 AM Reserve

Mike sent me a Facebook message at 6:20, but I was still taking a nap then… NO CRYING! I did get up fifteen minutes afterwards and tried calling him back, but got no answer. 214 more words


Dragons and Tabasco sauce = my two loves, together at last!

I got this awesome artwork from the “Fairies, dragons and other mythological creatures” Facebook page on September 3, 2013. Dragons and Tabasco sauce = my two loves, together at last! :D ♥



What a lucky day to have off from the farmers market! Twenty-four degrees at six AM this morning just seems daunting for standing outside on pavement. 111 more words

Cherry Street Farmers Market

Our First Visit to Square One Farmers' Market!

Last Sunday, Raj and I visited Square One Farmers’ Market for the first time before they wrap up on November 2nd. This year, the annual Square One Farmers’ Market in Mississauga runs on Sundays (June 1st through November 2nd) from 8AM to 4PM at the Mississauga Central Lions Club and on Wednesdays (July 23rd through October 29th) from 11AM to 8PM at the Mississauga Celebration Square. 708 more words

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