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Top 8 Beers to Drink if you Refuse to Vaccinate Your Child, NUMBER THREE WILL SHOCK YOU!

Craft beer saw HUGE gains in 2014, and took massive strides against reviled MACROBREWERIES, demonstrating the clear changing of the tide for top tier consumables in the life of the average consumer.   1,168 more words

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Vincent, Part II: The Call of the Wild

In which I have a brush with — apparently — Her Majesty’s best-kept teeth.

In my clingy, scoop neck dress with the chichi Hermès equestrian print — a great setting for my 38DD girls — I braved the intimidating gauntlet of thirty and forty something guys in suits at the bar, smiling and excuse me-ing my way to the back where the tables awaited. 280 more words


Vincent, Part I: The Man Cave With Cavemen In $7,000 Suits

In which I contribute a dose of estrogen to the mix, though at my age, I certainly have no inclination to share.

Vincent, a twenty-seven year old real estate developer with an Ivy League degree in finance, had been chatting me up on OKCupid. 279 more words


Catching Fire -- But Not STDs

In which I assure I’ll never be PTSDed from an STD.

I’d been sexually inactive for so long, some undesirable afflictions — like HPV (Human Papillomavirus) — were now so much in the public eye, young girls were advised to get vaccinated (free) against it. 348 more words


Ardent & Succinct Tales by Bettye-"Mine."

“What you mean it’s yours?”

“You didn’t know?”

“Naw…I didn’t”.

“Well, look. These here.” Running tongue over his lips “these lips. belong to me.”

Licking his own lips. 218 more words

The Player [with the micropenis]

APRIL 2012

As soon as someone tells me ‘that guy’s a player’, I want to play him. After Billy, I started to realise that I had a great power. 3,039 more words

Hot Sex

Anthony, Part XI: Stable Relationship

In which my contact sports necessitate a new sort of iContact, under the letter “H” for “Hot.” A flame emoji would be so nice, right here! 380 more words