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The Martial Law -- of Attraction

In which I turn my attention, and affections, to a man of Olympian talents — literally.

By this point I’d been five-starred by hundreds of men on OKCupid, exchanged messages with a few dozen who weren’t butt ugly, chatted extensively with many who were somewhat attractive, and given my cell number to the few cute, intelligent, personable and even, sometimes, well-employed. 300 more words


Surgical Strike, MISSION: GORGEOUS -- PART V

In which I discover that perky boobs come with plenty of perks.

I had my next operation — a boob and upper arm lift — out of state, not just because I was looking at a total overhaul and the surgeon charged less than the ones in New York, but mainly because my best friend lived there and I needed someone to look after me, afterward. 282 more words


Man this book was hot, hot, and hot!

Slytherin Rose rated it 5 of 5 stars

Genre: Erotic Romance
Author: Cara Addison
Book: Going the Distance
My Star Rating: 5
Will I read I read it again? 200 more words

Cara Addison


Girl I woke up before the light, thinking about that night; I can’t sleep. Hoping that one day, I will have that TV on drowning out your scream. 3,590 more words


Dave -- Part XIII: Barbie Wears the Amused Ensemble, Pairing It With Reflective Accessories

In which I debrief my de-briefing with Dave.

By texting Dave that he’d given me blue balls, I’d teasingly wanted to avenge his insulting selfishness on an occasion that was supposed to be my simultaneous second deflowering/blossoming. 410 more words


Dave -- Part XI: Better Go Down Under, and I Don’t Mean Australia

In which things, but not Dave, head south — fast.

When Dave had scored twice and I hadn’t at all, I’d gestured to my crotch and said, “Okay, I need to have an orgasm now!” — time to take that handsome head of his for a tour of the Southlands. 395 more words


Dave -- Part X: Boys Will Be Boys

 In which Dave makes sweet love not to me, but to Hugh Jackman.

After inhaling a couple greasy cheeseburgers and fries, Dave — still naked — collapsed on the sofa and demanded to watch a movie. 293 more words