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New York lovingly stars in Hassell's latest romance

Sunset Park by Santino Hassell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wowzers! That’s pretty much my take on this book. I fluctuated between exasperation, exhilaration and exhaustion watching Ray and David go on their relationship journey. 213 more words


The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron

5 Stars

Camille Briarlane loves plants and teaching her job teaching high school biology. She is in a relationship with someone who treats her well and while he wants more, she is content with her life as it is. 186 more words

5 Star

Duke Of Manhattan by Louise Bay

5 Stars

Scarlett King thought she was living the life she always wanted, until her now ex-husband blind-sighted her. Now she has focused her life on living in Manhattan and co-running her business. 238 more words


Lethal Lies (Blood Brothers #2) by Rebecca Zanetti

4.5 Stars

Anya Best has been working with the FBI to help find the Copper Killer. Watching victim after victim being taken has been hitting close to home… and when the latest victim ends up being her sister, Anya is done with working the case behind the scenes. 203 more words

Strong Heroine

Devil's Own (The Devil's Keepers #3) by Megan Crane

3.5 Stars

When Ryan “Chaser” Frey is called in to deal with his teenage daughters bad behavior at school, he is surprised that her teacher has no problem standing up to him and arguing about what is right for his daughter. 182 more words


The List by Chantal Fernando

4 Stars

Taye meets Eli one night when she is out dancing with a friend… and instant attraction. So she decides who better to have a one night stand with? 136 more words

4 Star

I fucked the Landlord

“Hi!”, he said, and flashed a boyish, somewhat lopsided grin, a contradiction to the sprinkling of white that was starting to show in his seductive goatee and stubble. 314 more words