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Adventure Guide: Earth Day in Fairmont, BC

I don’t know if they’ve suddenly become a thing or if they always were and I was just oblivious to it. Or maybe I took them for granted because they’re all over the East Kootenays and I’ve always enjoyed them, but people are really into hot springs. 280 more words


My Hot Spring Experience Compared To Anime

After noticing that every anime in existence has at least one beach, pool, camping trip, bathhouse and hot springs episode,  my anime club that I am the current vice president of, decided to have a relaxing day at the hot springs ourselves. 311 more words


The WOW Factor

We headed East.  Once again the scenery was just breath taking.

We spent the night at Williamson Lake Campground in Revelstoke, British Columbia. It is still early in the camping season here so the campground was very quiet.   74 more words

Plan Update

Hot Springs, Baseball, and Cats (in Taiwan)

by Michael

Taiwan spent about 50 years as a Japanese colony. This allegedly is the origin of developed hot springs and professional baseball in Taiwan. Taiwan also loves its cats. 1,020 more words


Kyushu Trip Day 5 & 6: Unzen and Shimabara (still Nagasaki Prefecture)

A few hours away on a bus took us to a mysterious area called Unzen. Actually, Unzen is the name of a vulcano, which, as I found out later, is still active and making the whole surrounding area potentially dangerous. 220 more words


More Utah Adventures


If you came here from Facebook or Instagram, you probably want to know what I alluded to with my clickbait caption! The question is: what have I never done in the wilderness up until a few days ago?! 2,180 more words