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HOT THIS WEEK: Oct. 10, 2014

Oct. 10, 2014. Vevo’s wrap-up show covers the biggest premieres and best Vevo originals from this week as well as what’s on tap for next week! 117 more words


Hot This Week: Movie Books - Fantasy

Many great books have been made into great movies. This week, we take a look at two fantasy novels that made it to the big screen. 196 more words


Christmas is all around you - Ice-skating at the Hôtel de Ville

Winter has arrived, and Christmas is still there! You’re back to work but you don’t feel like giving up the Christmas spirit just right now – especially since winter still has two months to go… So let’s head up to the ice-skating rink at Hotel de Ville! 164 more words

Hot This Week

Antiquity has never been this topical!

I had forgotten how much Rodin got inspired by Antiques and Michelangelo. The current exhibition at Rodin’s Museum is the ideal opportunity to have an new perspective on his work. 142 more words

Hot This Week

Hot This Week: Hockey

Did you watch the World Juniors 2014? So did we! Here are some books you might like about hockey. Have another hockey favourite? Let us know in the Comments! 189 more words


Hot This Week: Books Based On Fairy Tales

Think you know your fairy tales? Well, think again… Here’s a new twist to old favourites.

The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley

For Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, life has not been a fairy tale. 169 more words

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Fashion loves Barbie.....so wrong it's right!

The fashion world continues its love affair with the famous plastic doll we all grew up knowing so well, and who can blame it! Barbie being a beautiful Amazonian like creäture, with long flowing hair and legs to die for – a supermodel that never goes out of fashion and remains eternally youthful – a designers wet dream!!! 144 more words

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