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So there has been a lot said about the show EMPIRE. Some people think it is great. Some people aren’t even interested. Some people go as far as to refer to it as a plot to bring down the African-American race by creating a perfect blend of stereotypical shenanigans and mindless brainwashing of the youth of said race. 527 more words

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Got Security?

Security is a topic that’s on everyone’s minds these days. And there’s a good reasons for it: Security is important. Now, that might sound like a tremendous understatement, but it’s the truth. 1,114 more words


How this company is revolutionizing mobile phone photography

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Mobile phone cameras have reinvented the way we engage with photography – the term ‘selfie’ has become deeply ingrained into our consciousness and it seems that everyone with a camera phone is a photographer. 738 more words


Toilet Talk: Beyond the Cooler

There is a whole new issue that has been gaining a lot of media attention lately. And writing about it myself could get me some major backlash. 956 more words

Coming out from undercover

Dr Marius Barnard, who invented critical illness cover in 1983, died in November 2014. This sad news poignantly reminded us just how much the UK protection industry has developed over the past 30 years. 773 more words

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Islam, L'épreuve Française

I bought a book last week that I didn’t have the time to read because this one got my full attention, and I just finished. 154 more words

“Illegal” Immigration Then & Now… Is There Really a Difference?

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue… With him, he brought smallpox and guns to kill the natives and take their land! The idea of American guilt, usually propelled by liberal ideology, intends to shame modern Americans for admiring Christopher Columbus’ accomplishments. 289 more words