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The Service Side of Relocation Expense Management

In a recent Business Travel News Survey 73% of respondents waited, on average, five weeks to be reimbursed by employers for business related expenses. Not only is this an annoyance for employees, but it also has the potential to place a burden on talent management and retention. 489 more words

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Parents: You Have the Toughest Job

So far in my academic and clinical experiences, I have noticed one important aspect about parents.

You have the toughest job.

You do everything to protect your child. 949 more words

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Pundits - A job for the boys?

A day doesn’t pass without somebody having an opinion on Football. Whether it be a recent match, an upcoming match or just a football related topic in the media that given day, but what about those who get paid to give their ‘expert’ views on the very same topics. 680 more words


Confused Plants and Children

It’s only a week after Valentine’s Day (99% off candy sale!) and our Michigan is showing its versatility of weather. A year ago, our hand-shaped section of earth was covered in snow, like a frosty high-five for our astronaut pals. ¬† 275 more words

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Hot topics: Intracellular allosteric antagonism of the CCR9 receptor

Chemokines and their GPCR receptors are important drug targets in a broad range of diseases due to their role in immune defence (by controlling migration, activation and survival of immune cells), viral entry, tumour growth and metastasis. 92 more words

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