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How to Get Healthy This Summer (pt. 1)

Just because summer is already here doesn’t mean it’s too late to get that beach body you forgot to get earlier. I am the poster child for wanting to be healthy and look fit while also not wanting to do anything about it. 1,145 more words


New temporary classrooms arrive at Matangi School as the roll in our wonderful Country school just keeps growing

Matangi School this week welcomed the arrival of two temporary classrooms to cater for recent growth in pupil numbers.

The roll is at it’s highest since 1971, currently at 162.   162 more words


Purpose (Muslimin)

Bismillah Rahmanir Raheem.

Have you ever felt like things are not going as you expect,

Have you ever said to yourself “maybe Allah (SWT) is not listening to my prayers”. 534 more words


Ketogenic Dieting - Have you been fooled?

As a foreword, this is not a bash on Ketogenic diets by any means. Some research has shown practical use in specific populations. This post is to educate and debunk the misinterpretation of the ketogenic diet for body composition purposes.  1,069 more words


Rochester's Jazz Fest 2017

The 16th annual Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival is here! Whether it’s your 16th time attending or your very first time, knowing what is coming and how to get prepared is always helpful (and exciting!) The festival will take place in “the heart of Rochester’s East End Cultural District.” The venue will be nine days long, from June 23rd to July 1st. 407 more words

Community News


According to Entertainment Tonight, 43-year-old Kate Beckinsale is dating 21-year-old actor and Wild ‘N Out comedian Matt Rife and haters are hating because clearly, nobody loves them. 116 more words


Scrolling through social media, I saw a post regarding batman, with the #nanananananananabatman after it. How many of you could hear that theme song in your head without even counting how many “na”s there are? 304 more words