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Well Managed Animal & Livestock Nutrition As Part Of A Low Carbon Future

by Eduardo Martinez

Of many discussions around Global Warming and the subject of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), the majority are focused on causes like energy production or transportation emissions, and most of those emissions are carbon dioxide.  812 more words

Joker = Dog leash ?!

Many of the boys don’t like it when  their girls wear chokers? But why ? They say cause it looks like dog leash. Why ? Chokers are like any others necklaces but prettier, easier to style, and looks more modern.

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Snogging makeup trend , should or shouldn't ?

 The fashion world  has developed many weird trends, indeed. And this time, another one: the snogging makeup trend. This style of makeup can clearly be seen as putting your lipstick on messily.

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Hot Trends

La camicia

Long time no post because I’m a lazy piece of diamond…

But I was thinking recently about writing a post about ‘what’s hot’ right now but then I realised that I should better write about something that I truly like, believe in and so on and so on. 279 more words


Fashion emergency before that business meeting??

I was already late for my business meeting, and one of my New Years resolution was to always be on time…. Time is gold!!…. Always be aware of that!! 86 more words


Festive dinner outfit

Ready for Valentine’s Day, lovelies?

Time to take a look into your dressing room and find something classy to wear <3

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Funny how fast time passes when you’re busy taking exams hahah *trying to learn how to breath again*, but I’m a free woman now… 366 more words


Snowy Bucharest

I just got back to Bucharest and it’s snowy! <3

Back to Bucharest after quite a long, yet relaxing and lovely lovely lovely vacation at home, spent with all *AND I MEAN ALL* … 206 more words