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Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Inspiration

Hello Lovelies!

Its that time of year again, christmas has been and gone, you spent weeks figuring out what the perfect gifts would be and you’ve seen your loved ones be spoiled for choice. 714 more words

5 Senses

Being Sick-some old standbys

When my children are sick it is the worst. It sucks, always has and I believe it always will. It is one thing for me to be sick and be frustrated with how things are going to to see you child go from running, playing, cooking and doing art to just sitting there because they ache is hard. 717 more words

Winter Wonderland

Nursing a big bandaged joke thumb (art accident), a mean old cold, and a merciless outbreak of eczema all over my face, I was planning to spend the day hibernating under my goose down duvet, so light and fluffy it’s as if I’m being cuddled by a cloud. 372 more words

The Long Man

Cold Feet (see a body, catch a body)

It’s been a few months since the property was used. Similarly, the bed hasn’t known a body in that measure of time either. But the bedroom doesn’t feel too cold. 482 more words


Crafty: Cozy Cozy Part II

The weather has been bitterly cold in Kansas of late, and I finally broke down and bought something I’d always wanted: a hot water bottle. 83 more words


It's a cover up

We work as a team, each giving their talents. The Extreme knitter turned to her other interest “Extreme sewing” and produced a pair of Hot water bottle covers for the campervan. 11 more words

Hot Water Bottle

It’s been colder than a witches teat.  (I always wanted to use this phrase somewhere lol!)  I feel.  I’m probably over exaggerating but you have to remember, I’m a Southern Californian.  1,327 more words

Immune Booster