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First Night in a New Home for your Puppy

The first night in a new home for a puppy can be scary and confusing for them as this will be the first time they have slept without the comfort of their mother and siblings beside them. 354 more words


Sleep, a real snoozer

Sleep when the wind blows

Sleep, as you may know, is when the brain gets it’s royal flush from the toxins of the day. Much as the lymph system moves the toxins and congestion from the body, the brain literally gets washed nightly. 834 more words


Too hot to handle

I know my world is small, and there are real problems in the world. But today, today my ass is my first priority.

Okay, not exactly my ass, more like somewhere between my ass and my lower back/tramp stamp region. 268 more words

Bodily Functions

When a Hungry Neighbor is Rummaging Around in Your Garage

                                                                                   5:30 AM I’m so very toasty warm snuggled under the covers. I make the decision to get up anyway, the day is wasting. Slowly I slip from the bed as to not disturb the human heat machine next to me. 1,026 more words


Cold feet, no sleep

The most irritating thing about a power outage is having ice cold feet that refuse to warm up when trying to go to sleep. One really cold March our oil furnace quit working at 1am on a Sunday morning.  412 more words

Cold Feet