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Keeping warm!

So where I work it’s pretty cold, I do where layers and that does include thermals at times. There is a kettle and microwave at work, however the kettle has bad limescale and the water there is also rather bad. 148 more words

Top 5 hot water bottles

Cold winter nights? Hot water bottle will fix that.

Period cramps? Putting a hot water bottle on your lower back or abdomen is the way forward. 132 more words


Knitted Hot Water Bottles

This year I saw a pattern in Knitting Magazine (UK) for a Christmas hot water bottle and once I looked at it I thought I could give it a go. 235 more words


How to have a winter picnic

Winter picnics. They ring rather like strawberries and cream in January, or mince pies in June. Something that’s not meant to be, out of season. But a winter picnic is something quite different to a summer picnic. 585 more words


A festive picnic.

Picnics and barbecues seem so inextricably tied to the summer, but in my own, humble opinion, they are made for the British winter (it’s never exactly the arctic here). 482 more words


7 Holiday Gift Ideas for New Moms

Have you noticed how once you have a baby, everyone’s attention (including yours) magically shifts to your little bundle of joy? And sometimes, as much as you appreciate the love that your friends and family pour into your baby’s life, you strangely feel left out. 1,219 more words


Hot Water Bottles and Other Stuff

Dear Mom,

I am at home but I feel really cold. Maybe it’s my low iron again, or just that the temperatures have dropped a lot outside over the past few days. 836 more words

Mother's Love