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Too hot to handle

I know my world is small, and there are real problems in the world. But today, today my ass is my first priority.

Okay, not exactly my ass, more like somewhere between my ass and my lower back/tramp stamp region. 268 more words

Bodily Functions

Hot off the press!

Just released. . .

Two years in the making, Great Grandmother would be so happy that we did listen to the stories of her life and times. 111 more words


Cold feet, no sleep

The most irritating thing about a power outage is having ice cold feet that refuse to warm up when trying to go to sleep. One really cold March our oil furnace quit working at 1am on a Sunday morning.  412 more words

Cold Feet

Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Inspiration

Hello Lovelies!

Its that time of year again, christmas has been and gone, you spent weeks figuring out what the perfect gifts would be and you’ve seen your loved ones be spoiled for choice. 714 more words

5 Senses

Being Sick-some old standbys

When my children are sick it is the worst. It sucks, always has and I believe it always will. It is one thing for me to be sick and be frustrated with how things are going to to see you child go from running, playing, cooking and doing art to just sitting there because they ache is hard. 717 more words

Winter Wonderland

Nursing a big bandaged joke thumb (art accident), a mean old cold, and a merciless outbreak of eczema all over my face, I was planning to spend the day hibernating under my goose down duvet, so light and fluffy it’s as if I’m being cuddled by a cloud. 372 more words

The Long Man