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My Take On the Whole Lemon Water Trend

If you haven’t seen at least one article about the amazing results you’ll get from starting your day with warm lemon water in your Facebook news feed, you may be living under a rock. 57 more words


The Placebo Effect

It happened on my last trip to the dentist.

“Have you been drinking coffee?” said the hygienist, scraping at my teeth with what felt like a tiny pickaxe. 424 more words

Intrepid Brewing

China- An Outsider's Perspective

Living in a foreign land can be difficult. Especially one as capriciously strange as China. This is a post about my time there and how it changed me. 1,909 more words

Wood Fired Waterheater

This was written by Silver and I, Riven have posted it for Him.

A couple years ago
we were given a gas fired water heater. Upon inspection it was… 445 more words



“In all chaos there is a cosmos,
in all disorder a secret order.”
—Carl Jung

“The true mystery of the world is
the visible, not the invisible.”
—Oscar Wilde


Heat Pumps and why you should get one

Heat pumps for hot water are the best systems on the market.  Why?

  • Use less energy than gas, traditional electric hot water AND flat plate solar collectors…
  • 160 more words

Lemon and hot Water

If there is one thing I would suggest you add to your morning routine it is to have a mug with hot water and lemon. It’s very easy to do and the health benefits are many. 248 more words