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W&H in culinary : Do I start it in cold water or hot?

Most difficult job to decide whether to  cook  my food with cold water or hot water if we are cooking with water .

If you’re trying to decide whether to start a food cooking in cold… 459 more words

Food And Nutration

The Top Active Ingredients Of The Very Best Skin Moisturizer

The cold damp winter lastly discovers its escape and once again, we have the ability to sense the coming of spring. Taking off the heavy coat and shoes, I bet you feel needy to have a walk outdoors, enjoying the warm sunlight. 445 more words

Hot Water by Blair Gaulton

Hot Water
Hot water gets in hot water;
protesting against coffee ‘n’ tea.
Coffee ‘n’ tea ask why?
I love you both it said;
sometimes I do not want; 17 more words


Muffle, May I? Plumbing Pitfalls

Welcome to the Sidebar’s advice column, where trainees, queen bees, and the bourgeoisie alike sit down for a chat with our very own Muffle.  Her advice might be bad, but hey, at least someone’s listening.  752 more words


A Little Bit of Soap

After 72 years, I’ve finally been enjoying the relaxation of a bubble bath every night.

That is until my skin doctor told me not to do so. 206 more words

My View Of The World

Watercolor Sprinkles XIV

I feel like I’m finally getting closer to my goal in these powdered watercolor paintings. I think the key is less water on the page. That, and don’t get distracted by, “What happens if I…?”


Insulating Hot Water Pipes

Your home’s hot water needs to travel from the tank to various locations throughout your house. In my case; I have copper pipes, but this is also applicable to Pex or C-PVC piping. 610 more words