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Pop Culture: Elmer Fudd '85 FORD BRONCO 4X4

The Hot Wheels Pop Culture line has had some less-than-ideal applications of graphics on vehicles. Some casting choices are head-scratchers as there are usually better choices in the eyes of collectors. 353 more words


Fast car

I drive a fast car.
I want to say something poetic about it, but my mind is drawing a blank.

This is probably best.


Cyborg City 5-Pack: PORSCHE 930

The beauty of rediscovering your collection is coming across a beauty such as this! An afterthought as part of the Cyborg City 5-Pack in 2001, this hot, little Porsche would be a great seller in today’s Hot Wheels lineup for a variety of reasons. 263 more words


Heritage / Redline: MIG RIG

The Hot Wheels Mig Rig is a fantastic utility truck meant for track-side maintenance. From the mind of legendary Hot Wheels designer, Larry Wood, this truck was originally introduced in 2013 in the HW Racing / … 292 more words


My First Beater

  Ask most people what their first car was and they’ll tell you it was some beater that their parents got them during high school or worked all summer to buy.   782 more words


Muscle Mania Series: '69 DODGE CHARGER DAYTONA

Hot off the assembly line is the brand-new, Super Treasure Hunt ’69 Dodge Charger Daytona from the 2016 Muscle Mania Series. This hot ride is first starting to show up at retail however that hasn’t stopped Malaysian online sellers from distributing these for a premium. 400 more words


Hasbro, Mattel Reportedly Talking About Making One Big Toy Company To End All Others

Imagine a world where G.I. Joe marries Barbie (or Ken) and then they both drive off in their Hot Wheels car to their My Little Pony ranch — and all these products come from the same company. 172 more words