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Hot Wheels Steering Rigs Peterbilt Semi Truck Tractor Cab

Here, we look at the Hot Wheels Steering Rigs Peterbilt tractor cab semi truck. It was available in red, and orange. The red one was also available with a Shell Tanker Trailer in a package as a set. 61 more words


Exhausting Fun

I dug through the container full of Hot Wheels cars with you this morning. I had no idea what we were looking for but you asked for help so we dug. 301 more words

Hot Wheels Temptation

There are a lot of tempting Hot Wheels models on the pegs at present. NotI haven’t found  all the ones I want (I haven’t seen the… 167 more words


Pop Culture / The Beatles: HIWAY HAULER

Personal observation: Never did I think I’d see the day where the Hot Wheels #Dairy Delivery takes back seat to the #Hiway Hauler as its the Dairy that is hanging on the pegs while the first collectors to find this new… 457 more words


New (I Think!) Wonder Woman / DC Character Car

The last few hours have been full of bizarre finds, from the strange possibly-Canadian Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 5-Pack, to the different wheels of Yondu, and now to this strange “new” … 474 more words

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Surprise! 2 Variations of Yondu! (Marvel Character Car)

This is weird…and almost nitpicky…yet there the difference is, impossible to ignore. My son actually spotted it while we were sifting through listings to find anything new, so kudos to his eye for detail. 359 more words

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