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HOT Wheels

Someone decided to recreate their favorite hot wheels car from their childhood.


CFJ56 4ward Speed (White)

Toy No: CFJ56

Year: 2015

Series: HW City – Space Team

Tempo: Red & Grey designs across top

Base Color / Type: Red / Plastic… 62 more words

BDC92 The Homer (Green)

Toy No: BDC92

Year: 2014

Series: HW City – Tooned II

Tempo: HW logo & ‘The Homer’ on sides, White headlights

Base Color / Type: Chrome / Plastic… 61 more words

CFH44 1971 Buick Riviera (Green)

Toy No: CFH44

Year: 2015

Series: Hot Wheels HW City

Tempo: w/Black & Dk. Green stripes on sides, hood, & trunk, Mr. Gasket logo on sides… 65 more words

X1657 Bump Around (Green)

Toy No: X1657

Year: 2014

Series: HW Race – Track Aces

Tempo: Bump Around, number 8

Base Color / Type: Black / Plastic

Window Color: N/A… 57 more words

CFH66 Rescue Duty (Red)

Toy No: CFH66

Year: 2015

Series: HW City – Rescue

Tempo: Black, white and yellow tampos on sides. “Hot Wheels” logo on front doors.

Base Color / Type: Red / Metal… 63 more words

Y9425 Blastous Moto (Red Spectrafrost)

Toy No: Y9425

Year: 2013

Series: Cool Classics

Tempo: Blue pinstripes across top

Base Color / Type: Unpainted / Metal

Window Color: N/A

Interior Color: N/A… 54 more words