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The Newest and the Naughtiest

Bruce has been keeping secrets from his hot ex-stripper trophy wife.  Like the fact that he’s gone broke trying to keep her in the lifestyle that she’s grown accustomed to.   330 more words

Alpha Male

Cock Blocked

The censors are everywhere and they’re coming for your smut.  Sure, one soccer mom here and somebody’s grandma there, you think, fuck it.  No big deal, right?   473 more words


Cucked At First SIght

Some of us are just born hot wives and the men we marry are in for a bumpy ride.  You might be jealous, you might go a little crazy, you might be locked up in the keep or sucking down a strangers sperm, but you’ll never be bored. 471 more words

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She's Sexier When She's Cheating

It all started almost innocently.  OK, well it’s not innocent when your wife tells you sexy stories about how wet she gets for the delivery man, but you had no way of knowing what kind of reaction you would have.   738 more words

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Liar, Liar

Just a little something to wet your whistle for “Pegged and Punished : Sissy Husbands Get Caught”

…”Jake’s own, almost insignificant dick was thumping in the front of Susan’s panties as he slurped and rocked back and forth, taking another inch of her and then another. 416 more words


Chanel Talks Smut

On the inaugural episode of Chanel Talks Smut, we will be talking about the best (and the worst) smut, filth and downright naughtiness to be found in porn world.   199 more words

Hot Wife

Hotwife Fantasy!

For years now I have always had the fantasy of my sexy wife having sex with other men.

I’m not to sure how this fantasy of mine got to be. 223 more words