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Meet The Pastor Who Saw Jesus Christ's Wife.

This is the only man alive who have had the rarest of opportunities to meet Jesus Christ’s wife – or so he said.

His name is Pastor Mboro from South Africa. 628 more words

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Stockings, suspenders and heels

Finally ‘broke through’ with the language I’ve been studying all the time since late January – spontaneous speech without thinking. Still got to keep the studies up to make sure the tracks laid in my head become well-worn paths, but this means I can get back to writing in a few weeks, which I’m really looking forward to – already got plenty of notes for… 104 more words

Hot Wife

Sex, drugs and chaos

The clip above is from Lesbian-owned Wife, the first half of which can be read here. It’s part of Jenn’s Tail, and at the time was the most ambitious story I’d attempted, and also the most fucked up.  62 more words

Hot Wife

"Careful with the cum"

Just going to cycle through all the stories and promote them until I catch up on things offline and get to write something new. The clip above is from  136 more words


"Pretty, pretty good"

Check out the start of Jenn’s Movie Night here, a hot wife story featuring mfm, ffm, cnfm and a bunch of other things, or click around on the categories and tags for something else to enjoy. 40 more words

Hot Wife

"Well, I guess it is our honeymoon."

More from Priya’s Thai Bang Gang (sic). At this point she and her husband are on the island, have stayed up all night at a full moon party, and are chilling out in a cabin with three sleazy English guys. 412 more words