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High as fuck, drinking Ballantine’s and hoping to get the penultimate read-through done today so as the final done tomorrow.

Here’s a fun part from the current draft of Jenn’s Movie Night, still subject to correction and change (into the… 335 more words

Hot Wife

Jingle Balls

I told my husband that his Christmas countdown has begun.  Just like Santa Claus, I’m making a list too and I’ll be checking it twice.  No wait, fuck that. 105 more words


“You kiss that mouth?”

Here’s some more of Jenn’s Movie Night, still subject to correction and change. At this point the narrator is naked and handcuffed, sitting between his wife (Jenn) and her best friend (Amy), watching the former get fucked on-screen… 256 more words

Hot Wife

Coming soon - Jenn's Movie Night

This story is about the same couple as Watching Her Fun (free first edition here – just hit the orange ‘download now’ button), Backpacker Pick-up… 272 more words

Home For the Holidays

I love it when my son comes home to visit.  I take my time and make sure that all of his favorite childhood memories are just like he remembered.   105 more words

Hot Wife

Sissy Homecoming

Four days with the family.  It can be a great time to reconnect and kick off the holiday season…oh god, excuse me, I threw up a little in my mouth. 329 more words

Alpha Male

Offer ends soon

Planning on removing some books from Kindle Select / Amazon Prime next week, most likely Hot Wives & Girlfriends: Vol. 1 and Hot Wives & Girlfriends: Vol. 9 more words