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Click on the titles to go straight to Amazon (US site, but available in all markets. All collections are in bold, and these work out cheaper per story, and everything is… 265 more words

Hot Wife

The Bottom Feeders' Club

The next story you’ll want to read is called The Bottom Feeders’ Club. It’ll feature Celine, from Wife’s Escort Revenge, and maybe her niece, Tiffany, from… 54 more words

Hot Wife

Jenn's Tail

Repackaging some texts and reducing the per story cost. Latest thing online is a combined version of Jenn’s Tale Volumes 1 & 2. Here’s the US site, but available in all markets.

Hot Wife

Kate & Suzy, BFF & FFM

Swapping My Girl feels like the end of one story, or the beginning of another, so have packaged up all six Kate and Suzy stories into one set, with… 32 more words

Hot Wife

Swapping My Girl

Swapping My Girl is now available for $0.99 on Amazon – click here for the US site, but available in all markets. It’s an mfmf partner-swapping tale, featuring Kate and Suzy, along with Liam, a minor character in… 2,835 more words


Other Men's Women

New collection of five stories in which the narrators’ sleep with other men’s wives and girlfriends. Click the cover or here and read the sample, or a whole ‘girlfriend on MDMA sucks a bunch of dicks’ story in DOC format can be found… 7 more words

Hot Wife