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Free love weekend....

GIRLFRIEND AGREES TO SEX WITH HIS BUDDIES is a novel length tale about a group of friends, 2 girls 5 guys, spending a summer weekend together. 1,364 more words


When Hot Wives Go Bad

You know you shouldn’t have the hots for her, you just can’t help yourself.  It’s like your dick has a mind of it’s own, oh, wait, doesn’t it?   443 more words

Hot Wife

Young wife seduced by the house guest

Available on Amazon Robbie and Tamika are a young married couple under financial pressure. They need to rent out a room to get through and Tamika won’t have another woman in her home so they decide on a man. 2,599 more words


Hot Wives and Girlfriends: Vol. 1

Out now at US$3 on Amazon, or free with Kindle Unlimited. Includes three stories (17k+ words):

Club Bangers: I take my girlfriend to a club for her first time on ecstasy. 81 more words

Hot ride from her sister's cowboy

Amy wants babies. This isn’t anything outlandish. She simply wants her fiancé to get his act together, marry her and get her pregnant…. Well, this is what she wants, but perhaps trying to trick him by going off the pill and not telling was not such a smart move. 1,117 more words


New: Letter to a Rich Cuck

A taboo hot wife story in which a guy writes a letter to the man whose wife and daughter he’s been sleeping with.

The full, 4.5k-word story is… 1,832 more words

Young girlfriend and the old fishermen

Sweet young Catherine goes with her parents to what she believes will be a paradise island resort. Unfortunately it turns out to be a sleepy little fishing village. 839 more words