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Other Men's Women

New collection of five stories in which the narrators’ sleep with other men’s wives and girlfriends. Click the cover or here and read the sample, or a whole ‘girlfriend on MDMA sucks a bunch of dicks’ story in DOC format can be found… 7 more words

Hot Wife


The next story, probably called Swapping My Girl, is taking some strange turns, some of which may not make the final draft. In this scene the narrator, Liam from… 572 more words

Hot Wife

Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned

I was so caught up in my time with The Truth, the dirty texts, the video chats on Snap, the emails and phone calls, that often times I would lose sight of who I was.  1,334 more words

How About a BBW Sandwich?

So, after my first meeting with The Truth, I decided that I needed more, and I needed it often.  Unfortunately, as life shit happens, I would have to wait a few weeks.  1,079 more words

You Can't Handle "The Truth"

After the Momma Dude debacle, I was ready to just say no more with the whole adding in any more guys to my HotWife experience.  Unfortunately, Thor was having work issues, and we were not going to be able to meet anymore.  847 more words

WTF Just Happened, and Why is This Man Calling Me Momma?!?

When my husband and I met “Thor,” we decided that we would make him my exclusive FWB. The husband would watch when he could, but that wasn’t often. 1,282 more words

Suzy and Kate, BFF & FFM

If you read some earlier stories you’ll know about Suzy and Kate, and the latter’s boyfriend (Liam) got introduced in Priya’s MDMA Gangbang. The story I’m working on now has Liam and Kate reuniting in the US, with the focus on a little partner-swapping action. 53 more words

Hot Wife