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Sailing Part Two

My heart was still uncertain
About being
Bedded to be taken upon the
Heights of
Passionate ecstasy yet there I
Was waiting
For him to take me within his… 71 more words

Erotic Poetry


With her arms
She clung tightly to my body
Spread her legs

Gave me access
To the secrets of her garden
Play and diddle

Erotic Poetry

Upside Down

Upon her bed
She let me take her to the
Heights of sinful
Pleasure rock her world turn
It upside down

Erotic Poetry

Watching My Wife

I’ve been in love with my wife ever since I can remember. I’ve heard her being described as sex on legs, which appealed to me as a sex-mad nineteen-year-old when we first met. 2,206 more words


Pizza Girl

My wife delivers pizza for
The only place in town
My wife delivers pizza
Guys look her up & down
My wife delivers pizza
She’s the hottest driver yet… 138 more words

Thumped On a Greyhound Bus

We were traveling together on the greyhound bus as far as the Atlanta Georgia bus terminal where we would go our separate ways. Sitting on the very last seat in the back of the bus my sky blue eyed traveling companion of the journey and I had some how made a connection that would not be denied. 838 more words


A Harlot's Prayer

Upon his knees my bottom
Sits with his
Hands inside my kimono
The touch of
His fingertips on the orbs
Of my breasts
Makes me horny – wetter… 25 more words