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Have You Thanked Your Mistress Today?

She spanks you, she dresses you, she pegs you, she helps you with your make-up, she keeps you locked up tight and quite often, she even brings another man home for you to please.   93 more words


Sissy Husbands Do It Better

Well, cucky, you might just have to show her how it’s done.  Again.


The Ultimate Bull

Well cucky, you’ve finally gone and done it, haven’t you?  You finally pissed your wife off so much that she decided to teach you a lesson that you’ll never forget.   305 more words

New Series

Her New Bull is a Doozy

Voodoo and big, black cocks, “Curse of the Unfaithful” is a new series and “Black Curse” opens up with a bang.  Literally. Reese DuPont may have suspected that he was in over his head, marrying a beautiful debutante from a wealthy family, Chelsea is a demanding little bitch but the pussy more than makes up for it.   81 more words

New Series

Come and Get Your Sloppy Seconds

There’s nothing that says “I love you” quite like kissing your hubby on the lips, lips that ache just a little from nibbles and bites that he wasn’t a part of, right before he runs his fingers over your cum-filled pussy and ass.   53 more words

Big Cocks

Your Wife Called

She was wondering if you could pick up a little something on the way home.  OK, it’s a big something, big, long, thick and delicious.  Since you’re a devoted cucky, I’m sure that you’ll understand. 101 more words

Alpha Male