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I’m a horndog, I’ll confess

Here’s another excerpt from the next Priya story, about an MDMA-fueled honeymoon gangbang in Thailand, all text subject to correction and change. At this point the narrator and his wife have gone to the full moon party, and gone back to the resort where Priya soon gets on her knees and sucks off another guy, and that’s where this part begins: 1,024 more words


“Mmm - let Jeremy play with me for a while, okay?”

Jeremy spent a while taking his photos. Robbie and Tamika walked and returned when he had finished. Robbie went into the bushes to go to the toilet and when he came back he found Jeremy taking some shots of Tamika. 759 more words


She imagined being on her hands and knees – the guys mounting her...

Celia bit her lip. “I know. It’s fine by me too…. But – um – I was thinking of being unprotected with Max and Gareth as well.” 530 more words


“It feels all wet and gooey under me...”

Lisa wraps her panties around her wrist then gets off her knees and sits. The back door opens and bangs closed. Her boyfriend appears in the kitchen doorway. 441 more words


Jolene's Cream Pie

We had fantasized about tonight thousands of times during fantasy role plays. Tonight though, it is real. With each moment we are crossing new erotic thresholds. 958 more words


Newest erotica: Any Way You Pump A Centaur

Newest release this time is all about the hot man-horse booty. Also a little about threesomes and hump-substitutes.

Maria is a tiny but plump hotel receptionist from London, UK. 118 more words


Priya's return (coming soon)

Sudden work overload with various projects I don’t want to turn down, so this story (MDMA Gangbang?) still stuck at the 11k-word first draft stage for another week or so, but here’s an extract, still subject to correction and change. 434 more words

Hot Wife