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and we're on week two

After my week of meetings, PALS class, and some night shifts thrown in, I started on week two of two of nightshift orientation this weekend. Spending another weekend at the hospital wasn’t my favorite thing, but I’ve found myself caring less lately; it’s less of an “Ugh I’m working,” it’s more of a “Sorry, can’t, I’m working.” No remorse, just a matter of fact. 203 more words

Yoga Room Codes of Conduct

While much of the yoga we practice today is modernized, many of the sacred old traditions still exist today. It’s important to be aware of those traditions, as well as modern codes of conduct, as you step onto your mat. 355 more words


A Life Lesson from My Dog, the Ultimate Dogi

Last week was my dog, Chandi’s, 7th birthday. I know, I know. I never thought I would become a crazy dog person, whipping out my cell phone to proudly show anyone interested my sweet dog’s happy face, but here I am, totally smitten. 813 more words

Bikram Yoga

Interesting Reads - 10% Happier By Dan Harris

Today we are starting a new feature on Hot Off The Mat entitled Interesting Reads. In Interesting Reads, I will periodically share my thoughts on recent books in the yoga and meditation realms. 722 more words


Back In Business

Due to a malfunctioning screen, I have been unable to post a darn thing for goodness-knows-how-long. Luckily that’s all fixed up, so now you’re gettin’ overloaded. 453 more words


Blogging Is Just Like Bikram. Obvs.

It may not seem like the most logical connection to make, but as I spend most of my time either being a momma, writing blogs, or doing hot yoga, it was an inevitable one. 591 more words


I Love.

So in early January I ticked moving out of my parents off my big list of things to do and Stoneybatter-ish became home in town (the house is… 649 more words