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'Hot' Yogis and 'Vinyasa' Yogis

I spent about six years doing daily classes of Vinyasa yoga (well, Ashtanga to be more specific). Sometimes before my morning flow(s), I’d take a hot class. 2,613 more words

Weekly Workout Recap 7/17

One of my blogging mid-year resolutions (in addition to actually blogging) is to do weekly workout recap posts.  I think this will help me keep track of what I am doing (in addition to Training Peaks) but also keep me accountable! 549 more words

One Week of Hot Yoga: The Good, The Bad, and The Sweaty

For those who don’t know, CorePower Yoga, one of the largest yoga chains in the country, offers a free week to first-time visitors. After procrastinating for over a year because lifting, running, tabata, dancing, ANYTHING is more fun to me than yoga, I decided to commit to my free week. 1,928 more words


Annette Reviews Stuff: Hot Yoga

I’ve been meaning to sign up for yoga classes for a while. I’ve been following plus-size yogis on instagram (@diannebondyyoga, @mynameisjessmyn), and I’ve decided that my body doesn’t have to look or bend a certain way in order to do yoga in front of others. 455 more words

Exercising During The Summer Months

The thought of exercising during the summer in the UAE makes most of us hot and bothered, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Summer shouldn’t be a deterrent when it comes to exercising in the fresh air, provided you stay hydrated. 283 more words

Hercules Academy

We Are (Yoga) Family

When I was traveling over spring break this year I stopped into a studio to get out the kinks from the long drive and find my yoga groove. 1,008 more words

Bikram Yoga