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Day 2: My Arms Don't Go Like That

So I guess I should fill you in with my background in yoga.  I have been practicing yoga on and off since 2005, and like a loyal dog it has always been there for me when I return. 361 more words

Hot Yoga

Happiness is NOT a Destination

“When you’re there, you’re there.”

My dad has said that for as long as I can remember.  When I was a kid it went straight over my head.  921 more words

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Happy Spine, Happy Life

The spine strengthening series has always been challenging for me. Instead of isolating the muscles of my back I have been cheating — using my leg strength, especially in Locust Pose. 455 more words


Day 1: The Hard Part

Waking up at 5am to go to my 6am yoga class at Red Dawg Yoga, is the hard part. Trying not to wake my baby and husband as I clumsily get ready, is hard. 177 more words

Hot Yoga

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Yotopia promises a feeling of positivity, warmth and well being after an hour of hot yoga. Lots of sweating and deep stretches leaves the body flowing with energy.some people were afraid of fainting and had heard a lot of false stories about hot yoga. 334 more words

Hot Yoga

The Moments That Make Up a Life

Yesterday morning I did something I haven’t done in months. I went to a heated power yoga class with one of my best friends and yoga buddies. 583 more words

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Veda Yoga & Pilates Grip Socks #socksyoga

I’ve reviewed plenty of Yoga accessories in the past. This one is by and far the most unique and perhaps the most useful too! These Veda socks are a simple ankle style sock that has gripper dots on the bottom to keep you from slipping in class. 122 more words