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Interview with Sarah Harrison from Hotpod yoga...

Have you ever tried yoga?

Well, the next question is have you ever tried hot yoga?

I remember trying a hot yoga class when lived out in New Zealand, which yes, I did like, but it was a very different experience to the Hotpod yoga I started doing a couple of years ago (and no this isn’t an ad*). 284 more words


Views from the Podium: The Life & Times of a Hot Yogi - Book Coming Soon!

The only reason I finished writing my book is because of my yoga practice. It gave me the tools to be able to go through the process that led to the moment in which I am actually standing here holding a book that I had written. 594 more words

Bikram Yoga

Hot Yoga Classes, Workshops & Training Studio in the heart of Covent Garden

With an increase in the health conscious people all over the world we have seen an increase in the use of various forms of exercises. Be it our Televisions or Newspapers or Social Media for that matter, most of the times we come across advertisements around “how to get slim and fit”. 414 more words

Hot Yoga

Stirring Up Feelings and Breathing Through

Being back in the yoga studio has been amazing! Initially I wanted to go back to have a more consistent practice, to push my practice further and to help with nagging low back pain that I’ve been dealing with for about 2 years. 704 more words


Hot Yoga - Hot Asana

I tried something new today:  Hot Yoga.  OK, so it wasn’t something very new:  I’ve been doing yoga for years, but I’ve never done “hot yoga”. 583 more words

Real life

(This picture was taken on the way back from hot yoga)

These past few days I’m guilty of sneaking back on social media — mainly just observing what others were posting. 421 more words

Creating Your Ritual: 10 Days of Hot Yoga

It mostly sucks but there are definitely perks to being an injured runner – one of these perks is having the time to do other things that are not running. 301 more words