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I taught my very first yoga class!

….and it was amazing.

I was so nervous going into it, but once we got started, I felt like I had been teaching my whole life. 212 more words


You Are Always Where You Need to Be

Thanksgiving weekend I finally was able to get into Dancer Pose. It wasn’t the prettiest, it certainly wasn’t notable to most yoga practitioners out in the world, but for the first time my shoulders were open enough that I actually had the foot in both hands. 855 more words

Bikram Yoga

Should We Throw The Baby Out With the Bathwater?

Since the recent NYTimes article about Bikram Choudhury, my friends keep asking me, “Isn’t that the yoga that you do? Are you going to stop now because of what he did?” A fair question, so I have given it some thought. 252 more words


Studio tour of Wellington

Simply type into Google, Yoga Studios Wellington and an abundance of studios will be listed! This is great for the likes of me when I was looking to find studios to practice in and teach at, though it can get a bit confusing where to start. 1,437 more words


February Favourites

It is such a beautiful day in London today! The sun is shining, it’s cold but it’s not too cold….I think its safe to say that those two weeks of good weather, also known as the Great British Summer, are on their way! 583 more words


Hot Yoga

I just finished a month of hot yoga. I first started going to Hot Yoga by the Sea in Oct. 2012. Loved it. But didn’t stick with it. 156 more words


Day 1 : Class 1

Well, last night when I went to bed, I wasn’t sure today was gonna happen. I spent a solid 8 hours yesterday loading a moving truck and thought for sure I’d be feeling worse for wear today. 214 more words