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Hotel Chocolat Summer Collection up for review

Now, it is officially the Great British Summertime and I know that the weather hasn’t quite got the memo yet *shakes fist at sky* but my lovely friends over at… 299 more words

Product Review

Giveaway: Win a Box of Hotel Chocolat Luxury Pink Champagne Truffles

What do you think of chocolates with a bit of alcohol? Sounds right up your street? If yes, I have the perfect giveaway for you. Keep reading…. 215 more words

Lifestyle Blog UK

.Father's Day Inspiration.

Father’s day is fast approaching here in currently sunny England, 19th June in case you didn’t know yet, and if you’re like me you get stuck for ideas when your dad doesn’t give you much to work with. 366 more words


Hotel Chocolat Rabot Estate 70% Single Cote Bord Du Lac 87/100

From the same plantation as Hotel Chocolat’s Marcial, Bord Du Lac is another one of the 16 cortès (areas of terroir) that Hotel Chocolat have turned into one of their single côte bars. 535 more words

Restaurant Review: Rabot 1745

Birthday Dinner at Rabot 1745

Rabot 1745 for a great chocolate themed dinner. If you know me or Hana you’ll know we both have, to say the least, quite a sweet tooth. 988 more words


Hotel Chocolat Rabot Estate 70% Single Cote Marcial - Natural Farming Method 87/100

The first of Hotel Chocolat’s Single Côte range, their Marcial is not just single origin, nor is it even single estate, rather it is a single isolated spot on the cacao plantation. 626 more words

'Crownies' aka The Brownie/ Cookie Hybrid

These are for you Ravina. You little devil.

These ‘Crownies’ are from Hotel Chocolat’s ‘New Way of Cooking With Chocolate’, a book that we examine word for word (or picture to picture) every week at work. 329 more words