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Wineweek 146: London Vol. 2

This week has been genuinely uninteresting. Perhaps it was the limit reached on the credit card, or the two kilos I gained during the summer, doesn’t matter, we decided to lay low for a while. 615 more words


You get what you pay for, especially vacuum cleaners

Vacuuming – how dated is that? Actually shoving some massive, noisy, heavy machine over every inch of floor to suck up dust.
Why, in the 21st century, isn’t there some laser wash that vapourises the dirt and turns it into rose-smelling smoke? 1,108 more words

Blood & Chocolate - The Ancient Sacrificial Drink of the Aztecs

Back, way back, way back in time, the ancient Aztecs used cacao seeds for spiritual and ceremonial purposes, as when sacrificial victims were given cacao drinks mixed with human blood in order to prepare them to have their… 450 more words


Checking in at Hotel Chocolat

Could you possibly have grabbed a better spot to open any type of shop never mind Ireland’s first Hotel Chocolat Cafe! Right at City Hall where Donegall Sq East, North and Wellington Place meet. 421 more words


Hotel Chocolat Vietnam 80% 84.5/100

These beans are grown along the Mekong Delta in the south of Vietnam around Ho Chi Minh City. 562 more words

Bank Holiday Fun!

So we are in the midst of an extra long weekend which is hopefully fun filled for my lovely readers! Normally bank holidays don’t mean much to me, its just more days to live the life of a hermit! 889 more words


London Coffee Festival 2017

My fiancée gives great gifts. It was a no-brainer to buy me something coffee-related, but she knows that I love experiences. It might have been four months away, but it was a great Christmas present to know that in April we would be getting the train to London and filling our boots with caffeine. 829 more words