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Nirvana—or Hotel Hell

When you travel cross country, every night can become an adventure. That’s how we chose to play it. We set off in the morning with bellies full of those weird waffles all the mid-range hotels let you make for yourself, grateful for the sun in our eyes, with the notion only of Heading East. 1,077 more words

Cross-country Trip

Crescent Hill

I wanted to be her hero.

But she was never mine to save.

The harder I tried, the faster we crumbled.

The faster we crumbled, the harder we tumbled.

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Gordon Ramsay

Picture by Dailystar

I’ve recently had quite an obsession with Gordon Ramsay. Over the past month, I have been watching his shows such as: Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and Hotel Hell. 85 more words


Hotel Hell

Maybe hell is the wrong word. Don’t think Gordon Ramsay and the television debacle of filth and bugs and nasty food he uncovers at what would otherwise be fabulous destinations. 473 more words

Strange Happenings in Wisconsin

A fan of the HorrorAddicts.net podcast, Jeff Eickelberg recently sent us an email saying that one topic he would love to see us talk about was unexplained occurrences in Wisconsin. 2,013 more words


Ramsay's Hotel Hell: If this is hell, then he's Satan

Gordon Ramsay; the great pretender. He used to just pretend he was a Scottish hard man, ex-footballer. Although now he’s also pretending he’s a hotel inspector, marriage guidance counsellor and a psychiatrist.  571 more words

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