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You wanna do good but aint doing shit - THOUGHT OF THE DAY

People want to do good for people and help people less fortunate. But you know what I’ve noticed? No one actually gets off their ass and does it. 378 more words

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Things You Never Want To See When You Check Into A Hotel Room

If there’s one thing HBO’s new anthology series Room 104 gets, it’s that hotel rooms, no matter how luxurious and expensive, are inherently disturbing. The show, which follows 12 different story lines taking place in the same room over varying time periods, is poised to celebrate that creeping dread that a whole host of things (unnatural and otherwise) have happened in those communal spaces. 1,053 more words

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Awake. Dad’s been released from hospital and will be home any time now. Watching Ramsay’s Hotel Hell while dog-sitting. The episode set in Newtown, PA. He uses a thing where 10-20 is clean, 30 is unhygienic. 33 more words


Nirvana—or Hotel Hell

When you travel cross country, every night can become an adventure. That’s how we chose to play it. We set off in the morning with bellies full of those weird waffles all the mid-range hotels let you make for yourself, grateful for the sun in our eyes, with the notion only of Heading East. 1,077 more words

Cross-country Trip

Crescent Hill

I wanted to be her hero.

But she was never mine to save.

The harder I tried, the faster we crumbled.

The faster we crumbled, the harder we tumbled.

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