Who needs a hotel revenue management training program?

There are quite a few hotel revenue management courses out there that you could follow. However, before subscribing and investing your money in costly courses I would like to point out that there are more ways to acquire knowledge. 174 more words

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Three Things The Hospitality Industry Can Learn From The Target Lilly Pulitzer Event

In the early days of my career, I worked in the managed hosting business.  It was a time when businesses owners could eliminate the cost of operating a dedicated data center and instead more efficiently rent servers, space and connectivity in a hosting facility.   470 more words

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How Little Things Matter in Selling Experiences

My first blog post is on a famous Chandigarh resort, a business that sells experiences. It is a collage of interesting experiences – some good, some bad and serves as a good case study in hotel and events management. 970 more words


Expansion of Hospitality Sector

• The tourism and hospitality sector is among the top 10 sectors in India to attract the highest foreign direct investment (FDI). In the period April 2000 – August 2014, this sector attracted around US$ 7,441 million of FDI, according to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP). 315 more words

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Of late, not many employees are bothered about making their service delivery great. Frankly not many. Some even avoid to be in direct contact with the customers.There are various different reason to this. 567 more words

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What’s Your Hospitality Staff’s Emotional Commitment?

By Lori Ezell, CMO SonataVenture

Running a successful hospitality business is work. It requires, among so much else, a constant review of the numbers, obsessive scrutiny of amenities based on changing tastes and demand, viewing the property through the eyes of guests, and acting on their revealing (and sometimes brutal) feedback. 770 more words

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Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS)

Lat update was like 3 months ago. As usual I am BUSY BUSY BUSY….

Today, I am going to write some stuff about SHMS, my current university. 514 more words