Fusion of Boutique Hotels and Assisted Living

Over the last twenty years, the burgeoning boutique hotel industry has demonstrated travelers’ increasing demand for the more personal, intimate, and unique hospitality experience that boutique hotels offer. 312 more words

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The title says it all.

It was my first experience with the liquid. The liquid that everybody talks about, the liquid that represents love and passion, the liquid that has lived up to its reputation. 328 more words

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8 Hotel Workers Reveal The Most Absurd Things They've Seen In People's Rooms

Found on r/AskReddit

1. I worked front desk at a hotel and one guy brought in a mini-propane grill and started grilling chicken in his room.

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We are pivoting

As many of you guys have noticed, innGrid.net is no longer just a PMS (Property Management Software)

We now offer a combined service of:


2014 review of our hospitality revenue management solutions

Once again, we can conclude that it has been a great year for our revenue management portfolio. We have expanded our properties with 52% to 35 hotels, with a total hotel room inventory of 4.180. 152 more words

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