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What Today's Guest Expects to Find in Their Hotel Bathroom

While it is perhaps not the most exciting area of the standard hotel room or hotel suite, the hotel bathroom is an important part of it. 590 more words

Duvet vs Comforter - What's the Difference and Which Should You Choose?

Any hotelier wants to provide their guests with the highest level of comfort possible, especially when it comes to the bed they will sleep in during the course of their stay. 693 more words

Choosing The Best Gym Towels For Your Hotel Gym

One of the things that travelers have almost come to expect they will be offered at any hotel is access to gym facilities. Even those who are traveling for pleasure, not business, don’t want to miss a week – or more – of workouts simply because they are far away from their local gym. 969 more words

Hotel Bedding Supplier Spotlight: Phoenix Down

One of the things hotel guests ‘judge’ a room on most is the quality of the night’s sleep they get. And while getting a great night’s sleep depends on a number of different factors one of the biggest is the comfort and quality of the bedding. 874 more words

Hotel Linens Supplier Spotlight: Oxford Super Blend

No matter what the size and style of the hotel
the linens provided for guest use are always of the utmost importance. When
they walk into a hotel room the sheets, pillowcases, towels, bathrobes and more… 650 more words

Pima Versus Supima: What They Are and What You Need to Know

The quality of the hotel
linens is always of the utmost importance. If
you take just a quick look at Yelp! Trip Advisor or other similar sites, 738 more words

How to Wash & Dry Feather or Down Hotel Pillows (how to add the syndication link)

Getting down and feather pillows to be fluffy as they
were when you bought them is an easy thing to do. Even after you use them for a… 979 more words