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Imperial Profile: General Veers

“Com-Scan has detected an energy field protecting an area of the sixth planet of the Hoth system. The field is strong enough to deflect any bombardment.” 1,185 more words

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LEGO Star Wars Assault on Hoth 75098

One of the iconic scenes in Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back was the battle on the snowy planet Hoth.  This big set Assault on Hoth 75098 features the Rebel Echo base and various modular sections.  62 more words


Star Wars Episode V Cocktails - The Empire Strikes Back

Continuing our celebration of Star Wars Day with cocktails for Episode V…


Where we learn that you should NEVER come out of hyperspace early and things get a bit chilly, especially for Han Solo. 400 more words

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Imperial Walkers on the North Ridge

With the one year anniversary of The Imperial Talker coming up, I thought it’d be appropriate to do a post on Imperial Walkers (I think you know why). 1,000 more words

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Thoughts on the (One-Armed) Wampa

My Star Warsie preferences more often than not boil down to one thing: my childhood love of the franchise. This is why, for example, I am a die-hard fan of the infamous Grand Admiral Thrawn. 1,079 more words

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Guy played Battlefront as Darth Vader: "I'm depressed"

HOTH- Colin Gray, Star Wars enthusiast, has played the newest Star Wars game, Battlefront, for a long time, but he recently picked up a power-up that turned him into Darth Vader. 82 more words


Movie Reviews: The Empire Strikes Back

Just when you think it was safe to go back to Tatooine and live happily ever after, the Empire whips out one giant can of whoop ass on those rebel scum. 564 more words

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