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OOB Displays

If you didn’t know already, I enjoy my POPS Out-of-Box. Just about every single POP I have has been removed from its tomb and put out for everyone to admire and enjoy.   315 more words


EoA: Suicide Squad

“After acquiring a floorplan for the Emperor’s Fortress on Hoth, Sergeant Rusk was assigned to my ship for the duration of what the Republic believes to be the upcoming conflict with the Sith Empire.   623 more words

Building Character

SWTOR Class Storyline Review: Imperial Agent – Chapter Two

<– Chapter One || IMPERIAL AGENT || Chapter Three –>

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the second chapter of the Imperial Agent storyline in Star Wars: The Old Republic.   6,191 more words

The Old Republic

Trooping Through the Snow

This month’s Star Wars ComLINKS topic is Favorite Trooper and I have to say, when it was announced I got really excited but also knew that it was gonna end up being hard to narrow down which type of trooper I love. 1,108 more words

Original Trilogy

Hot Off The Hook #2

This week on HOTH it’s all about dungarees!  I love dungarees on babies.  Its my all time favourite outfit.  They always look so scrummy and comfortable in them.   202 more words

Everything Else

Star Wars: Battlefront (2015)

Now that I’ve clocked in over a hundred hours on this game without even realising it, I think it’s about time I wrote down my opinion of it. 1,126 more words

Hot Off The Hook #1

So this is the first instalment of hot off the hook and there won’t be much writing just pretty pics of great makes or awful pics of disasters! 153 more words