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The Battle of Hoth

Episode 1 – The Battle of Hoth

You can listen or download the show here.

Bryan and Holly examine a decisive battle in the galactic civil war. 101 more words


SS: Betrayed Again

“How many times must I be betrayed before I finally stop trusting anyone?


Things were going perfectly.  I bound a second ghost, bringing my total to four.  646 more words

Building Character

Star Wars EU Reviews: The Empire Strikes Back Atari 2600 Game

For the impatient readers who want me to get back to reviewing the rest of the Marvel comics I promise that this will be my last The Empire Strikes Back review for awhile. 608 more words

Star Wars

Remakes are a Dish Best Served Cold

Being an AFOL comes with a host of happy moments. However, there are sad ones too, like when you realize one of your favorite builders hasn’t uploaded something in a long time. 424 more words


Norwegian Fjords - Day 1 and 2

Day 1: Oslo

Velkommen. The land of the Vikings. I’ve always seen the photos of the fjord lands of Norway. Perhaps you have seen/heard of Troll’s tongue or Pulpits Rock. 614 more words


OOB Displays

If you didn’t know already, I enjoy my POPS Out-of-Box. Just about every single POP I have has been removed from its tomb and put out for everyone to admire and enjoy.   315 more words


EoA: Suicide Squad

“After acquiring a floorplan for the Emperor’s Fortress on Hoth, Sergeant Rusk was assigned to my ship for the duration of what the Republic believes to be the upcoming conflict with the Sith Empire.   623 more words

Building Character