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Osteria 832 - Pizza & Pasta

Another slightly disappointing meal out. Well no, I wouldn’t say disappointing actually, just overpriced for what it was. Let’s be honest here, I work hard for my money and prefer to spend it on things I love, not settle for. 228 more words


Going Back to MARTA

“Don’t ride the MARTA,” I was warned. MARTA is a form of public transportation that runs under the muddy waters and hard pan clay of Atlanta, Georgia. 1,049 more words


Hello world!

So I started a blog. I find myself having a lot of thoughts and opinions but nowhere I’ve felt comfortable sharing them. I felt that another social media platform like Facebook isn’t the appropriate place, so here we are! 10 more words


Driven Hunger, New Stories, and AAD #HotLanta!

Driven Hunger

July 16th will be here before we know it! If you’ve been waiting on Matt and Makayla’s story, you won’t be waiting much longer! 794 more words


Hotlanta Blues

My hotel was in a particularly shitty area. For those Gothamists, imagine the Fulton Mall, yeah that piece of shit, but without the charm. For others, think of sadness made into an area. 855 more words


The Art of Giving - The Giving of Art... and a bunch of other stuff

I know, I know. I’ve been remiss once again in keeping you up to date on the goings-on in the life of Amy. My apologies for being such a slacktastic blogger. 1,884 more words

On My First Impression of Hotlanta

Dear Sunny,

Yes, I made a collage! Truly I spent more time on this silly thing than I care to admit, but voilà! Here is most every important thing/place/person I consumed, watched, wrote, saw, practiced, and/or obsessed about. 442 more words