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On dumping Hotmail. Finally.

Yesterday I did a really brave and long overdue thing: I deleted my Hotmail account.

To commemorate this event, I sent a final @hotmail.com email to my friends and family, letting them know I’ve moved on and also where they can get a hold of me now. 358 more words


Dear Hotmail, Congratulations. You Now Suck Officially :)

Dear Hotmail,

Or should I even be calling you hotmail, Mr. Outlook.

Outlook? What am I looking out at? If you mean the disgusting new look… 636 more words


A Stupid Business: Why Not To Invest In Microsoft

So, I’m trying to log into msn messenger two days ago, aka the dumbly named “Windows Live”, and when I realize I’m not sure about the password, I try to go look for some software to unveil the hidden password, and when I move my mouse I accidentally select “forget me” or whatever it says while logged out, do I get a “are you sure?” No, instead it wipes the email and password instantly. 708 more words

Bill Gates Is An Idiot

Why does Hotmail still suck so badly?

I can live with the entirely useless spam filters. I can live with them breaking the back button on their website. I’ve even grown to like it that every time I tell someone my email address it sounds like I’m boasting (hot male? 55 more words