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Give credit where it's due

If someone has something savage to say, rather sleep on it. Under no circumstances commit to the internet. Cyber-speech, seemingly ethereal, is etched in stone. 1,718 more words

My favorite bouquet

But no one gives me :'( Guess I have to cook myself, again

Email is a nice way to send your love message to your love. 54 more words

Tom Is Your Friend

That fucking weird guy from Blue’s Clues (or the one bearing his likeness) wants to be your friend again. Yes, that’s right. MySpace is attempting a comeback. 177 more words


You've got mail

It’s a lovely day if open Inbox and find this cute puppy!

And you also can change you Hotmail theme to this cute photo instead! Open your Inbox and see this lovely picture. 14 more words

Excusive features of Hotmail you should know

Email has become an important part of our lives these days and we need it to do our work and to stay connected to our friends and family members away from us. 282 more words


hAPPy Monday

A reminder! In case you didn’t get around to it during the holidays and all, because, you know, holidays. This is your last week to make sure that you keep the free storage you have on your hotmail and/or outlook email accounts. 263 more words


Growth Hacking: Cách tiếp cận Marketing mới dành cho khởi nghiệp

Bạn đã từng chơi Candy Rush? Hay đã từng được bạn bè mời chơi, mời gửi “mạng” (send live)? Trò chơi ngọt ngào Candy crush saga… 2,175 more words