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Small stuff

Fiddled around on small stuff again. Made a run to the speed shop and picked up my bed strips and angle strips. That took all morning. 41 more words


Shopping Day

Ran around restocking today. I hit the tool store, truck parts store and paint store. That included buying the mirrors and master cylinder cover which I couldn’t resist trying out. 33 more words


Slow start

It was a rainy rainy day so I was slow to get started. Once I did I made some progress. Repainted the bottom of the battery door, due to over spray on the top side. 15 more words


I like putting things together

I made a trip to the blue big box store and pickup the nuts, screws, washers, and bolts to put the glovebox door and radio speaker cover and ashtray in today.   74 more words


Rainy day

It was a bit of a rainy day here so I didn’t to do anything that required the garage doors to be open. So I found a small project to fiddle with. 18 more words


Leopard Spots

it looks like leopard spots when you sand down the filler primer. 

A little more epoxy primer on the sand through spots

Followed by a few coats of 2k primer.