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High thoughts for lowriders

Is its shape a perfect painting?

Is its rumble reminiscent of an orchestra?

Does the steering wheel heft in your hand like a perfectly crafted tool? 418 more words

Toyota Valve Cover Misadventure

Check it out while Travis “Throws some paint” at his Toyota’s valve cover.

Club Heat 0013: Gangsigns, Bass Blowers, DJ Taj, Hotrod, DJ Tray, DJ Diamond Kuts

Jersey Club continues to roll strong throughout the US and the world. Hot Rod (Cartel Music), Bass Blowers, DJ Taj (New Jersey), and Gangsigns… 148 more words

Roadster at Grand Nationals

Beautiful Boyd like roadster Grand National Roadster show

#mymotorways, #grandnational #roadster #rockabilly #lowbrow #hotrod #ratrod #pomona #nationals


Hand Built Track T Toyota

Watching a car being built from the ground up is pretty amazing. This hand built track t hotrod was an amazing piece of work. The hours that go into building something like this are almost countless, and you can easily get lost in the details. 101 more words


Papa Has a Secret Conclusion

Papa Has a Secret Conclusion – Since Nicky road to school in that hotrod, Nicky’s friends were envious of him. Nicky was enjoying every minute of it too. 443 more words