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Small stuff

Worked on the small stuff that needs to be done on the door. Ordered the parts I will need to put it together and painted, primed, or rust converted the functioning parts of the door.


Blow though, Three bugs, and a run

Not too worried about the bugs and the run, they will color sand out. The tape lifting and my not seeing it before I cleared it is not an easy solution. 20 more words


Inside Door

I sanded and painted the inside of my door. Sealer, base coat, clear coat.


Door in 2K

Sanded the inside of door:

Sprayed the door in 2K primer:

Didn’t fall for the too hot in the sun this time. Left it for a few hours to dry: 14 more words


Spray Bondo

Cleaned and prepared for paint:

Painted Epoxy (White)

Sprayed the filler primer, think of it as liquid bondo:

It was out in the sun and I think it dryed too fast. 68 more words


The Return of Cafe Racers (Why and When?)" on YouTube

The Return of Cafe Racers (Why and When?)

Some of us greasers love motorcycles,  it doesn’t matter if we own one or if we don’t,  it doesn’t matter if we had ride one or we have never been on a bike. 239 more words

Greaser Central

Sand Blaster

Got the door back from the sand blaster. They could not stop saying what a nice door I have. It really is, I made the right choice although I think the other door pretty nice too. 55 more words