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Bare metal, Epoxy Primer, Single Stage Paint

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Passenger inner fender

Started on the last bunch of sheet metal to be painted. I did the passenger inner fender today; ok just the underside. I stripped the paint, both sides, and epoxy primed and painted the one side. 51 more words


Running Boards

I pulled the running boards off the donor truck. The first one was a pain in the neck. The first two bolts, square bolts, I was able to get a socket wrench on them and broke them in half. 65 more words


For sale soon

Ok not this one:

But this one, the parts truck, after I pull the hood and running boards. I put the bed on today.

I do have the front sheet metal and doors for it. 8 more words


Brackets braces etc

Started putting brackets and braces back on the cab. Did have to manufacture some bracketry.


We have steering

I installed the steering wheel today, as usual the instructions were lacking but at least it had instructions. I was testing it the steering locked into a turn, I though what did I do wrong? 31 more words