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Hott Strongholds For LOTR

Over the last few weeks I have been making some new Strongholds for my Lord of the Rings armies. Rivendell, The Black Gates and Helm’s Deep. 275 more words


Nelly - Hot In Herre

The year was 2002. The golden age of bubble gum pop had reached its peak, giving way to hip-hop as music’s next wave of chart dominance. 178 more words

Hip Hop

Hyborian Campaign :Asgard vs Cimmeria

Midwinter in Hyboria. Scouts brought word to the blond Aesir chieftain Wulfhelm that Cimmerians were approaching. Anger clouded his brow. Who were they to cross his lands to fight with the Vanaheim? 479 more words



You know how we humans are with certain words. We all have that small handful of words that just turn us off instantly… Like, moist or penetrate. 236 more words


HOTT: The Doctor

HOTT: Humans Of The Trip is a series to celebrate the various faces that have kept me company during the trips in the country, especially the ones that I set out alone. 162 more words


Hyborian Campaign : Picts vs Cimmerians

News had reached the Cimmerians that Picts were pouring across the Black River into their lands and threatening their ancient stone circles where they worshipped their great god Crom. 438 more words