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Hyborian Campaign : Picts vs Cimmerians

News had reached the Cimmerians that Picts were pouring across the Black River into their lands and threatening their ancient stone circles where they worshipped their great god Crom. 438 more words


Currently bumpin...

Drake’s newest album speaks for itself. Just wanted to share some tunes with yall because I have this on repeat. Enjoy!


HOTT in Hyboria Asgard vs Hyperborea

The blond Aesir had crossed the Ice-River of Death and were advancing on Haloga the snow-shrouded capitol of Hyperborea.The evil Queen Vammatar awaited them with the surety that the Aesir would be defeated. 388 more words


ERM Dwarves

  • ERM Dwarves

I’ve done a number of posts on dwarves, but it’s been a long time since I’ve painted any. Finally, here are some of the… 640 more words