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ERM Dwarves

  • ERM Dwarves

I’ve done a number of posts on dwarves, but it’s been a long time since I’ve painted any. Finally, here are some of the… 640 more words


A Chaos Army for HotT

I’ve built this army out of a large pile of already painted random Chaos and Chaos-able models lying upon and within the lead mountain. I also thought it was a good excuse to build a horde-heavy army for… 200 more words


VA - (Reference Analogue Audio HM​-​12115) The Acid Years (1994​-​1996)

A Collection of Tracks released 1994 to 1996 on Hotmix’ first label launched from the shop in The Hague.


Hordes in HOTT Redux

I had a couple of spare hours so I managed to hammer out the last of the 4 hordes for my HOTT orc army.  I have also started the spearmen, but none to show yet.  247 more words


Hordes in HOTT

With the busy holidays I have had very little time for working on miniatures.  I have to say that reading some other blogs and seeing how prolific others are during Christmas makes me just a bit jealous.  338 more words


Dwarves again

I’m still trying to get dwarves for my HotT armies. I have Chariot dwarves, and I like some of them, but as I said earlier… 253 more words



What is it with all those duck faces and scandalous selfies out there? This is how you do it. Just point the phone and click the button. 84 more words