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Today’s hottie is model Matthew Noszka. Before being discovered by modeling scouts on Instagram he was a construction worker and a university student. He quickly rose up the ranks as a model and is now modeling for some of the top brands in the fashion industry. 129 more words


We actually weren’t sure if we should even post today’s hottie, German model Veit Couturier. Not because he’s not hot enough, omg no, but because we weren’t sure how on earth we were going to follow him. 191 more words

Hottie Of The Day


Today’s cutie patootie is one of our favorite actors, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Why do we love him so much? Well, for starters he looks like the type of guy that you could go up to and talk to. 176 more words


James Byron Dean is often called “the first American teenager.” Why this is, is often accounted to his angsty rolls, which stole the heart of the entire world. 113 more words


This exemplary English gentleman, David Gandy, is the sort of man that Jane Austen would have most certainly obsessively written about. Page after page of a light hearted love story with the dashing David as the mysterious object of affection. 75 more words


Gianluca Ginoble’s name sounds like a song from bygone days. His voice is reminiscent of the ringing baritones from the classical, original years of rock n’roll. 111 more words


Cristiano Ronaldo is almost mythical. A rags to riches story of ultimate proportions. Born in a small island off of Portugal, this soccer cutie rose the ranks with hard work, dedication, enthusiasm and natural talent. 159 more words