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Harrison Ford. Oh how to even begin an ode to Harrison Ford,  the hottie actor  with perhaps the most iconic roles and one liners. Oh Harrison Ford. 55 more words


Luke Evans is the type of man that makes you believe in something bigger than ourselves. I mean, could Luke Evans have happened merely by chance? 64 more words


Zayn Malik, formerly of One Direction, is the epitome of our musical dreams. Half Pakistani, half British, his multicultural roots make him unforgettable. And how cool is his name? 12 more words


It might actually be possible to be too perfect. We had so many choices when it came to pictures that we just decided to post our favorites from our own personal collection (but by all means explore his photographs…there are way more). 112 more words

Hottie Of the Week

After calculating Instagram likes, blog views, comments as well as our own personal preference…we have come to decide that Henry Cavill is the rightful heir to our very first Hottie Of the Week. 150 more words


As though Brazilians aren’t gorgeous enough, here we have a Brazilian-Japanese god of a man. Perfection, you may humbly ask? Perfection, is our answer. An interesting blend from distant lands, Hideo is a prime example of why the multiculturalism is so exciting, unifying and beautiful. 20 more words


Every once in a while, a man comes on this earth and rolls his eyes and gives you a smile in a way that makes you faint and blush even years after it happened. 54 more words