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The last thing I want to do is write like it’s been nothing but roses as we’ve worked through opening our marriage. At times we each had to evaluate whether we wanted to remain monogamous or, after we experienced sex with others, whether we wanted to return to monogamy or press forward with non-monogamy. 916 more words


Let the Games Begin (2)

So there we were. In the car on our way to meet my wife’s former “friends with benefits” partner. You might think I’d be apprehensive or jealous or concerned or afraid. 870 more words


Cuckold - Sloppy Seconds

Setting the Stage:  Sienna and I are in a loving relationship and have been exploring cuckolding. In this post, I explore the sensation of having her for the first time after a well-hung black man has fucked her. 1,113 more words

Black Cock

Cuckold Dialogue - Emotional and Physical Context


As this unfolds, Sienna and I are in a loving relationship which has an element of cuckold exploration. We have been interacting with a black man and the potential for bringing our fantasy to reality is approaching. 1,152 more words

Black Cock

Braless Is It Right For You?

I admit it’s not the 60’s but have you thought about letting the girls come out to play? When I met Wifey, one of her constant complaints was she hated to wear a bra and didn’t like how they felt. 139 more words


A New Journey

I’ve had plenty of fun writing my stories up until now, but I wanted to try something kinkier, something hotter, something that makes me wet just thinking about it: sex with several men at the same time. 438 more words

Dildos, Penis Extenders and Strap-on Cocks

Dildos, Penis Extenders and Strap-on Cocks

One of our readers mentioned penis sleeves the other day and it got me thinking that we really hadn’t touched on that topic in this blog yet and that we should. 803 more words

Small Penis