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How Does The Wife Of A Small Penis Man Feel?

I recently went back and was re-reading the posts and comments I have received over time, and saw one comment from a reader that really got my attention.  418 more words

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Bull in a China Shop

I had a cheater revelation while awake during the night: I need to give the men I’m with an honest (“honest”) shot. If I can’t be happy between three men who adore me then I have too many problems to solve.  823 more words

Some days the words won't come

Today, I want to write more about The Truth.  I want to focus on a time in this life when I felt safe.  When I was learning.  339 more words


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our Blog followers!  This is a day when all of us have an opportunity to outwardly demonstrate our love and commitment to our partner. 62 more words

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The Post-Cuckolding Afterglow - Vol I

Being cuckolded has long been one of my favorite fantasies, and I’ve been fortunate to actually experience it. If you are a woman or man that is curious about the lifestyle but are somewhat turned off by the seemingly extreme content found in fictionalized cuckolding, you have come to right place. 1,111 more words


These shoes are gonna walk all over you.

I love my own body.  I don’t mean that I treat it like a temple; far from it, but I love the comfort I feel inside it. 144 more words


Cuckolding: A viable Relationship Alternative? My Introduction To Cuckolding!

I was reading a beautifully written article the other day by a fellow blogger, Rougedmount, called, “Cuckold Fantasy to Fact.”  The article made me realize that cuckolding is a relationship alternative that is simply not well known or even understood.  3,277 more words

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