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The longest 15 minutes of my life waiting for her. After confronting her over the phone i was in a state of fear, and anxiety waiting for her to get home. 826 more words

Black Mystique - Cuckold Interview With Henry

Black Mystique is a new series exploring interracial cuckolding as a sexual kink. My exploration of this subject narrows the scope of interracial cuckolding to specifically refer to cuckold play between black men and white couples. 1,707 more words


Leading up to the day it all changed

When you love someone, you put your heart on the line. You give the that person the key to your heart. You become vulnerable but it brings happiness. 267 more words

The power of cum

One of our frequent female contributors (Michele) commented about something not long ago that is fascinating and has not been discussed on this blog before, so I thought I would introduce the topic here.  433 more words

Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)

How to do small penis humiliation (SPH)

Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) and teasing is the most popular topic on my blog. Click here to read my articles on it. In a way, that kind of surprises me.  573 more words

Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)

Black Cock Sensations - The Fullness

Cuckolding is one of my favorite fantasies, and I have also experienced it. My fantasy includes the added erotic layers of interracial sex along with some tastefully administered “small penis teasing”. 797 more words


How To Deal With My Husband’s Small Penis

In thinking about the purpose of this blog, I have come to realize in looking back, that I made some mistakes when it came to my understanding my husband’s penis size issues.  1,101 more words