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Boundaries - The Other Man's Cum

Many of the posts on Dionysus and Black Bulls describe my journey into cuckolding. This post centers on a discussion I had with my girlfriend (Sienna) about where her “Bull” would cum. 1,245 more words


Black Cock Sensations - The Fullness

Cuckolding is one of my favorite fantasies, and I have also experienced it. My fantasy includes the added erotic layers of interracial sex along with some tastefully administered “small penis teasing”. 799 more words


Black Mystique - Cuckold Interview With KC

*Note* I want to acknowledge up front that some may doubt the authenticity of what is being described in the proceeding interview. The importance of these cuckold revelations is not whether they are based on reality or fantasy. 2,424 more words


Cream Pie & Sexual Superiority

“You acknowledge the sexual hierarchy by licking his cum from my pussy. My sexy lover with a smaller white cock shares in the bliss of the Black Bull fantasy with the white sexual Goddess–YOUR woman. 1,292 more words


Sloppy Seconds

Setting the Stage:  Sienna and I are in a loving relationship and have been exploring cuckolding. In this post, I explore the sensation of having her for the first time after a well-hung black man has fucked her. 1,578 more words


Cuckolding: A Submissive Woman's Perspective


Coming into our relationship, Sienna’s sexual fantasies centered around being submissive. While I have many fantasies, cuckold play is a personal favorite. Nothing makes me hotter than imagining my lover getting off on being taken by a well-hung black man. 1,007 more words


The first step to start an affair with a well-endowed man

I’m sure the title of this post will definitely get attention.   I recently solicited ideas for topics from our readers, and one of our female readers responded with several very interesting questions, and three of them have a similar theme, so I decided to present them here collectively. 251 more words