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Shall We Play a Game?

Sometimes I think B was just cheap, and that’s why he was willing to gang bang some stranger’s wife but didn’t want to deal with the expense of an actual “girlfriend.” I’m not high maintenance. 922 more words

To Hotwife or Not to Hotwife

S continues to relentlessly pester me to fulfill his hotwife fantasy. He sends endless texts declaring his desire to watch me be fucked by another man, and/or peppering me with questions about this guy or that, either something I did with someone in the past or might potentially do in the future or even theoretically might be doing in my mind. 696 more words

How to do small penis humiliation! Part 1

The most popular blog post in the last month (in page views and comments) by far has been “Understanding Why Men Want Small Penis Humiliation.” 474 more words

Small Penis


This afternoon, before fetching my girls from school, I ran across the street to the church. That’s the nice thing about Catholic churches. They’re always open. 894 more words


Every once in a while I get tangled up with a guy who is just no good, but for whatever reason I cannot extract myself. J is an example of this. 651 more words

BWO – Black Owned Family 2: Taking the Mother

She thought her daughter’s new boyfriend was an immigrant boy. But he was from Chicago and he had an agenda. A month ago, he had enslaved her precious daughter and now he had his sights set on her! 122 more words


Plaything for the Gang Next Door!

Right after Brandine’s neglectful husband had left on a week-long business trip out-of-state, new neighbors moved in across the street. Several loud, noisy members of a Latino street gang. 140 more words