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Ethan Russell... private contact

Ethan Russell is a multi Grammy nominated photographer and director. He is also an award winning creative director and the author of two books,Dear Mr. 163 more words


Saxon V. Go Math


When I first began teaching, I used Saxon Math, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, to teach my second graders.

Saxon largely uses traditional teaching methods for teaching arithmetic and problem solving skills, with homework problems for each lesson.  481 more words


Book review: Inside Biosphere 2: Earth Science under Glass, by Mary Kay Carson, photographs by Tom Uhlman

Carson, Mary Kay. Inside Biosphere 2: Earth Science under Glass. Photo. by Tom Uhlman. . Houghton Mifflin. 2015. $18.99. 80p. 978-0-544-41664-2. Ages 11-14. P6Q6

In 1987, a private company started building a 3.14 acre artificial ecological system north of Tucson (AZ) and named it Biosphere 2 as the second fully self-sufficient biosphere on Earth. 134 more words

Book Reviews

George is happily living in Africa when a man in a yellow hat captures him and takes him on a ship to a city. Sad, but also curious, George promises to be good – his curiosity, however, always prevails: attempting to fly like a seagull, he falls into the sea; intrigued by a phone, he mistakenly summons the fire department, landing him in prison; attracted by a balloon seller’s red balloon, he accidentally grabs all the balloons and soars high above the city. 689 more words