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Recipe of the Week - 21st May 2018 - Sweet Potato Falafels with Cashew Houmous

This is a surprisingly simple recipe which also turned out to be a great way to entertain my children. We had lots of fun mashing, smashing, mixing and shaping these delicious falafel and that was before we’d even got round to dreaming our own individual pitta creations! 238 more words


Hummus (Jamie Oliver's, adapted)

Basic houmous, adapted from Jamie Oliver’s.

400g cooked chickpeas
4 tsp tahini (I substituted with 3 tsp peanut butter and 1 tsp sesame oil) 132 more words



This Levantine staple fascinates me as children just can’t seem get enough of it. I’ve met very few younglings that would reject a tub of hummus and crudités – but where does that desire stem from?  460 more words


Jordanian Jaunts

This trip requires a bit of context. Long-suffering readers will remember Alex from our Japanese adventures, where we visited Shinto shrines, wandered through whispering forests of bamboo, relaxed in onsen and discovered okonomiyaki. 1,194 more words


Tabun Kitchen, Soho

Valentine‘s Day is a holiday that many consider overrated. I‘ve never been one for big gifts and extravagant gestures but with busy lives spending quality time with your other half can often be neglected so it‘s a good excuse to put aside all your other commitments and make sure you get to spend the day together. 820 more words


Bit of a 'rubbish' weekend

It was one of those weekends where we didn’t have any plans or much inclination to do a big deal other than just pottering around. We assembled a few things that had piled up and decided to go to the… 464 more words


Six on Saturday - Necessity

It’s raining it’s pouring, I’m not going outside again after getting soaked walking miles to pick up my camera that I stupidly left in Max’s Dads’ car yesterday after a wonderful day out and had no transport because OH had taken the car to do the shopping and anyway I had jobs to do in the High Street.  544 more words