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Food no.1

I ate a massive breakfast of overnight-soaked pearl barley and nuts this morning so I didn’t really fancy any huge meal for lunch. Also I decided to start this blog about 10 minutes before I ate lunch so I hadn’t really planned anything impressive. 247 more words


April Favourites 2016

I can’t believe it’s the end of April, before we know it we’ll be halfway through the year. For me, this month has mainly been spent working on my… 700 more words


Houmous, Chicken, Carrot



Houmous and chicken was a weird choice as I had no idea if they would compliment each other. However, the peanutty tones of the houmous with the protein of the chicken makes this a healthy and fun way to have your poultry. 30 more words

Family Feastin'

Family get together’s are the best excuse to cook, try the things you wouldn’t necessarily find the time to test out and generally have fun with your cooking. 883 more words


Quinoa And Pomegranate Salad With Sweetly Sour Pork

“If you want to lose weight whole-wheat bread, couscous, and quinoa are evil.” ~ Jorge Cruise

I’ve had cellulitis for the last few weeks, so I’ve been feeling too rubbish to articulate ideas properly or concentrate on reading anything more complicated than a cook book.

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Okay, so hummus is amazing. Like literally life changing. And I know that everyone has eaten hummus at some point in their lives, but when you become vegan your life revolves around the stuff! 152 more words


Chickpeas Houmous (حُمُّص‎)

Start simple! I made #houmous (حُمُّص‎) today, one of my favourite foods. 90 more words