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The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Stepping out of Baker Street Station and walking up what was once known as Upper Baker Street, you will probably spot a line of people queuing to get into an old georgian town house. 1,118 more words


The South West of England: Pt 35 – Princetown, Devon

Moving on from the charming town of Tavistock, we arrived in the famous Dartmoor National Park, and more specifically, the village of Princetown, one of the most notable areas of the Park… 935 more words


The Mystery of an Upstate NY Thanksgiving

I spent Thanksgiving with my brother Michael and his wife Laura. As I drove north from Brooklyn with my sweet little dog Sophie, we were encountering increasingly stormy weather. 293 more words


The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes #5)

A man found brutally and horribly murdered near his remote home in the fogs of Dartmoor…

The Baskerville Curse that laid its icy finger on each member of the family one by one… 479 more words


Why You Guys Really Should Think About Reading Some Sherlock Homes. (It has nothing to do with Benedict Cumberpatch.)

So Debi has stopped crying upstairs, and I have a moment of peace to write.  She’s got a mild cold, and she’s in that stage where she really needs a nap but refuses to take one, and we didn’t got to preschool today because we were both sick and yeah, we are just a wee bit tired of each other.   785 more words

Sherlock Holmes

The 140 character book review - An Introduction

A few weeks ago I read an article that summarised the Disney Pixar movies in 140 characters, or a tweet for those who are technologically unchallenged. 398 more words


30 for 30: Read a Book I'd Never Think to Read (First Try)

I have never been into mysteries. My parents read us quite a few Hardy Boys books when we were little, but I mainly enjoyed those because my parents were reading them to me. 1,089 more words