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Hourou Musuko (Shimura Takako)

Title: 放浪息子; Hourou Musuko; Wandering Son

Mangaka: 志村貴子 Shimura Takako

Hourou Musuko is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Shimura Takako, a female mangaka known for the focus on LGBT issues in her various works. 1,289 more words

Going Down The List: Hourou Musuko


Again, a show I’ve written about in the past(here). I quite liked Hourou Musuko when I watched it, and I still do even though I can now see that it’s not a perfect show. 296 more words


Hourou Musukou (Wandering Son) - Review

I wrote up a draft for this review awhile back when I actually had just finished watching this almost exactly 2 years ago, but I never felt like I got what I was trying to across – so I’m trying to finish this up and finally post it! 3,345 more words


Wandering Identity

Wandering Identity (A Hourou Musuko Analysis)

As I began writing a character analysis of Saori Chiba from Hourou Musuko, I realized I couldn’t say all I needed to say without first establishing the nature of identity in this show. 1,430 more words



Pada Sebuah Pengakuan

by : rineema

—Kau sudah mengenal, tapi gagal memahami. Terkadang aku heran kenapa kau bisa menjadi orang yang tahu-segala.—


~***~ 824 more words

One Shot

-Hourou Musuko/Wandering Son; I'm Picking Up This Anime Again/My Thoughts So Far For This Show- - (Anime)- -Mark's Blog-

I started to watch this Anime from 2 weeks by now (the reason I didn’t binge watch it all was because of school work and stuff). 424 more words

Dissecting Wandering Son, Part 1: I Am A Girl and The Transient Daughter

There are few works which handle transgender characters well, and fewer works which people can actually say helped them understand what it’s like to be transgender. 1,588 more words