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Initial Review: Hourou Musuko

It isn’t often that I come upon a series about a sensitive topic and discusses it with total sincerity and elegance, and that is one of the many reasons why I enjoy  578 more words

First Impressions: Hourou Musuko

Hourou Musuko, 3 episodes in, and I’m already loving it. It has the same feel (and artstyle) as Koi Kaze and Aoi Hana, two shows I appreciate a lot. 193 more words

Entry #6: Hourou Musuko (SoA 2016)

I learned something watching this series. It’s probably not what you think, either. Those who are “in-the-know” are aware that Hourou Musuko is a serious and realistic representation of transgender kids growing up in an environment that isn’t too accepting of that sort of thing. 1,277 more words


Hourou Musuko (Shimura Takako)

Title: 放浪息子; Hourou Musuko; Wandering Son

Mangaka: 志村貴子 Shimura Takako

Hourou Musuko is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Shimura Takako, a female mangaka known for the focus on LGBT issues in her various works. 1,289 more words

Going Down The List: Hourou Musuko


Again, a show I’ve written about in the past(here). I quite liked Hourou Musuko when I watched it, and I still do even though I can now see that it’s not a perfect show. 296 more words


Hourou Musukou (Wandering Son) - Review

I wrote up a draft for this review awhile back when I actually had just finished watching this almost exactly 2 years ago, but I never felt like I got what I was trying to across – so I’m trying to finish this up and finally post it! 3,345 more words


Wandering Identity

Wandering Identity (A Hourou Musuko Analysis)

As I began writing a character analysis of Saori Chiba from Hourou Musuko, I realized I couldn’t say all I needed to say without first establishing the nature of identity in this show. 1,430 more words