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40 Handstand Push Ups

30 Partner Burpees

Partner Carry (Down & Back)


*Teams of 2.

**HSPUs can be broken up however the team chooses. 65 more words


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A study says teens are spending nearly all their waking hours staring at screens

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Facebook, news apps, Snapchat — there’s endless temptation for bored teens to take out their smartphones and scroll.

The Washington Post recently wrote an in-depth piec… 393 more words


Memorial Day Hours for the Leatherby Libraries

Edward Percy Moran , via Wikimedia Commons

In observance of Memorial Day, the Leatherby Libraries will be closed on Monday, May 30. The library will be open from 10:00am-10:00pm on Saturday and Sunday for those of you who use the library in person. 85 more words

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Don't Get More Than 6 Hours Of Sleep At Night! Terrifing Results!

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If you are a part of those people who could not get more than 6 hours of sleep at night, you better have your self checked. 21 more words

Why the U.S. Decided That Managers Deserve Overtime Too

(Source: hbr.org)

The difference between white collar and blue collar jobs isn’t just the type of work being done. It’s how people are compensated for it, according to the U.S. 783 more words


4 Hours & Counting...

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