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House Blessings & Space Clearings

Despite what you may have seen in movies such as Poltergeist, most house blessings and space clearings do not involve the exorcism of  discontented or malevolent spirits… 107 more words

Business Blessings

Bless This House

I had a lovely event to cook for yesterday. Vera’s house purchase has just been confirmed so seven of us gathered to bring goodwill on her and her home. 293 more words


A Thai Housewarming

My host mom, Jam, slumped into the hammock the second she got home Sunday night, the one stretched out in a space between the parked truck and the dining table outside, exhausted from two days of a family event. 770 more words

Academic pins and house blessings can make your research project a huge success!

Research work plays a vital role in today’s education system especially when it is about your dissertation projects. So it is extremely important that you take into account the following factors into consideration: 451 more words


House Blessings

Few things bring deeper satisfaction that knowing we are at home! “Home” need not be a traditional house. It can be an apartment or condo, any place that is created to feel like one’s own safe place. 41 more words

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