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Irenaeus of Lyons on self-made churches—non-denom and house?

“Wherefore it is incumbent to obey the presbyters who are in the Church,—those who, as I have shown, possess the succession from the apostles; those who, together with the succession of the episcopate, have received the certain gift of truth, according to the good pleasure of the Father. 75 more words


Are you in a New Testament Church?

There is a fad these days amongst Evangelicals when it comes to considering the structure and system of the Church.  Only two generations ago the Church was the focal point of the community where events were held and people attended with or without faith.   1,234 more words

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The Underground Church : 4 Reasons

Can you think of four reasons the underground church (in America) is coming?

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Fish and Shadows and Christians

I have made a curious observation recently with my fishtank. Fish who live their entire lives in a tank, like my Angel Fish, get excited to see a large shadow approach from the distance and swim over- for them the instinct is “Food”! 655 more words


Episode Forty Five: Help! I'm Trapped in a Ministry I Don't Like, Part One

What happens if a person finds himself or herself trapped in a ministerial vocation that just doesn’t seem like a good fit, or is leading that person to ministry burnout? 51 more words

House Church

Salvation is Not the End

The whole point of getting a business off the ground was to prove to people that this “model” works, that you can trust God, you can live a bold, courageous, exciting, adventurous life of passion and love towards others, doing your good works with great faith. 523 more words


Fieldnotes: On Group Prayer (Rock, Paper, Scissors)

(This post is a continuation of my Fieldnotes series;
observations from the front-lines of curating a Progressive Christian Church) 

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