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Video: Starting a House Church Fellowship

This presentation by Chuck Missler  gives some wonderful keys to starting house churches in the West and basic Biblical principles. Overall his emphasis is on allowing the Holy Spirit to dynamically lead and raise up brethren. 207 more words


[Editor’s Note: This is Part Three of a Four Part Series addressing the nature of Apostolic Christianity. You can read the previous posts here… 1,302 more words


Communities of the Kingdom of God [Part 3]

(If you missed them, click to read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, “Communities of the Kingdom of God.”)

A Strong Kingdom Is Made of Many Different Types of Communities… 533 more words


(Dis)unity in the Church in China

When I was first interested in Christianity in China, the Protestant terrain was laid out very clearly to me. There are two churches in China: (1) the true and faithful house churches who’s members endure persecution to live the faith and (2) the Three-Self churches who’s members are not really Christians because they have compromised the gospel to communism. 622 more words


Lumber-sexual, Metro-sexual, and The Circle of Life

Introduction to The Circles

Don’t worry, this article has nothing to do with lumber-sexuality or metro-sexuality. Over Christmas, I read a humorous article on how the current lumber-sexual movement is the manly-man’s response to the girly-man’s metro-sexual movement. 1,769 more words


Communities of the Kingdom of God [Part 2]

This is Part 2 in our series “Communities of the Kingdom of God”. If you missed Part 1 check it out here.

Different types of Communities are required to make strong Kingdoms… 806 more words


A Small Miracle For A Hopeless Wanderer

Hello Sunday Morning Readers!

Last week I promised to tell you what Dani, JD and I have been doing on Sunday mornings for the last five months. 1,051 more words