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Future Steps Towards The Edge - Pt. #5 - Conclusion - Pilgrims and Fellow Sojourners in the Missio Dei

Michael Horton wrote once that,

“There is a significant origin and end point to history, within which we ourselves are cast members. It is a courtroom drama in which we are either false or true witnesses, “in Adam” or “in Christ,” justified or condemned, alive or dead.

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Further Steps Towards The Edge - Pt. #4 - Creating an External Vision for Dreaming Dreams and Seeing Visions

“I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day this will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed:” 488 more words


Morning Prayer 31.8.15, Aidan & Cuthbert, Bishops of Lindisfarne, 651, 684

Likewise when foreigners, who are not of your people Israel, come from a distant land because of your great name, may you hear from heaven your dwelling place, and do whatever the foreigners ask of you. 3,102 more words

Jesus Christ

Further Steps Towards The Edge - Pt. #3 - Creating a Central Unity for a Culture of Rhythms in Discipling

Over the last several months Desmond Tutu’s words from his book ‘No Future Without Forgiveness’ has been resonating in my thoughts. He said, “‘My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in yours.’ We belong in a bundle of life. 508 more words


Further Steps Towards The Edge - Pt.#2 - A Mission Built on the Foundation of Relationship

“We are not so much individuals, as our Western culture in particular would have it, but, as images of God, deeply social and communal in nature. 596 more words


Further Steps Towards The Edge - Pt.#1 - Theologians of the Imago Dei and a Calling Truth

In a great text titled ‘Transforming Mission’, David Bosch identifies that, “The best theologian, is not the one who can give a complete logical account of his subject, but the one who ‘assembles more of Truth’s image and shadow’ and thus moves beyond the confines of ‘pure’ rationality. 193 more words


Journeying in the Story of the Edge – Pt. #4 - Conclusion – The Inspiration of Common Tribal Themes and the Nature of the Missio Dei in The Edge

Like the early disciples crowded in the upper room following Jesus’ crucifixion, The Edge began in the living room of a home with the question “What is the church meant to be?” Foundationally, we hoped to explore an expression of the… 378 more words