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A House Divided

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Upon being appointed Senator of Illinois in 1858, Abraham Lincoln gave a speech in which he argued that question of slavery was posed an existential threat of division to the nation. 1,808 more words

What Happens in Starkvegas...

I met my friends in Starkville, MS two weekends ago to watch Mississippi State take on South Carolina. My friend’s husband had never been to an SEC game before, nor had he ever been to Starkville. 219 more words


Thoughts on 9-11

In Church, the pastor talked about how everyone in the room could remember exactly where they were on 9-11.  Then I looked around, and realized how many young people there were in the room.   209 more words

The Importance of Unity

There is amazing news to be had, concerning the war on terrorism in Northern Nigeria. Contrary to what Boko Haram has said on the subject, … 1,419 more words

Prayer Updates

Gun Control: A House Divided

In the aftermath of what is now considered the deadliest domestic shooting by a single individual on American soil, outraged citizens are fighting for gun control: while many are also fighting for their right to bear arms, as well. 980 more words


On This day in 1858...

June 16th 1858 Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the United States of America) warns that America is becoming a “house divided”.

Lincoln was addressing the Illinois Republican convention where he spoke of the impending crisis which had the potential to destroy the union and it was this very address where he famously stated… 303 more words


We're Still Standing

This is all I’m going to say in regards to the terrible massacre in Orlando:

I hope the attendance at this year’s Atlanta Pride Festival… 381 more words