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The Home Stretch

Somehow we all survived graduation weekend.

It wasn’t the celebration I hoped for and anticipated when Josh was just an infant and I held him in my arms, envisioning the idyllic life he would have. 716 more words


Just a Cliché?

Many people think of clichés as timeworn, too-oft-repeated banalities, devoid of meaning because of their ubiquitous presence.  Too self-evident to be of any use; to wit— 961 more words


A House Divided

What an interesting few weeks we have had lately. It seems only last week I was wondering which poorly coiffed whack-a-doodle was going to depress a button and send us all into nuclear winter and now my thoughts have been spun toward — or backwards — to The Civil War. 1,221 more words

DC Fountain Pen Supershow Impressions and Giveaway!

Its been a little quiet around here lately, but not for lack of activity ^_^.  Earlier this month I was blessed to attend my very first pen show!   685 more words

Fountain Pen

Today in history: Lincoln’s ‘House Divided’ speech

Posted June 16, 2017 10:37 AM by Nate Madden

URL of the original posting site: https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/today-in-history-lincolns-house-divided-speech

LionelHKR | Getty Images

June 16 marks the anniversary of one of the most important and memorable speeches in American history, one that seems especially poignant for our times, as it comes from a portion of our history in which Americans were even more bitterly divided. 368 more words


Birthday resolution

Another trip around the sun just completed. Yep, a full year has gone by and I celebrated another birthday this month. 

Sixty-some years on this planet and I can honestly say, I’ve never before in my lifetime seen so much animosity exhibited between human beings as I have in the last few years. 954 more words