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GOP candidates split sharply on foreign intervention and ISIS

They seem to like each other and agree as little as they do with the Democrats. This is truly a house divided. It’s going to be interesting to see how they bring everybody together in the fall of next year. 37 more words

Perfect Theology: A House Divided

Many years ago, feeling inept at life with a body that had grown feeble from illness, I came before the Lord in a time of meditation feeling destitute. 851 more words


Number 11. The Last Dispatch From Hira Singh

“But, as I said in the beginning, Sahib, there are reasons why the British must rule India yet awhile. We Sikhs, woul would rule it otherwise, are all divided” 486 more words


Spirit of Anti-Christ

“…a house divided cannot stand. That spirit of anti christ that secret power of lawlessness, I have rights. And God has an order, and we won’t get off on the specifics of this right now but we all know God’s desire to put this order into our lives and make sure its something he would be glorified in” (Pastor Scott). 432 more words

Star Scott

Divided States of America?

As we look around at what has been happening in this country, we see a lot of division. We are divided over the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, we are divided over illegal immigration, we are divided over a piece of cloth hanging over a memorial. 589 more words

"A House Divided" Potter Style!

So, I don’t actually have pictures of this DIY every step of the way, but it’s so simple that I KNEW you guys would be able to make it even without step by step photos :D So, my Husband and I are pretty big Harry Potter fans and I recently went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (at Universal Studios) and wanted to bring back some souvenirs. 573 more words


There's No Place Like Home...

I’m not sure what exactly caught my eye about this abandoned building in the middle of a lot in Apalachicola when Denise and I visited there one Friday afternoon a month or so ago. 1,751 more words