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House Finches

This gallery contains 3 photos. As common sights as they may be in Metro Vancouver, House Finches have been hit-and-miss birds with me. The feisty females–whom I have seen bully other birds (including the males of their 273 more words


House Finch

Lake Matoaka, taken January 30. Photo credit to Maddy King and Sarah Ruiz.


THIS WEEK AT BEAR CREEK: Winter Robins, Trailing a Fox and Reminders from Last Spring

I love the blue shadows that bright sun paints across winter snow. On my visits to Bear Creek this week, I spent some time with my face turned to the ground, trailing animals that had trotted along the paths to the Center Pond, perhaps on the previous moonlit night – or crossed and re-crossed the marsh nearby on a snowy morning. 1,962 more words

This Week At Bear Creek

First House Finch Song - 2016

The house finches don’t seem to want to be too predictable with their first mating song (that I hear, anyway). A few years, they’ve been early enough that I started to wonder if the “first” song of the year/season would start happening in late December of the previous year. 110 more words

Birds And Wildlife


January 23, 2016

Colonel Samuel Smith Park, Etobicoke

Nothing like waking up with a little ice on your back.

Confession.  I sorta but not really squandered about two hours of sunshine looking for a Long-eared Owl at the park.  453 more words

Ontario Birds

Yard Birds

Not much going on around here. Dull days of winter. But whenever there’s the occasional bright and sunny day, and Sunday was one of them, one must get outside, so before I went for an afternoon walk with Lesa at Miller Meadow, I sat out in the yard albeit rather uncomfortably on an overturned trash can, to be far away enough from the feeders so the birds would come back in, and come back in they did. 308 more words