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Feeding frenzy

There’s a snowstorm headed this way, and the finches and chickadees are very busy at the feeders and heated bath. I’m grateful for my warm home and wish I could open it to my feathered friends tonight. 20 more words

What's Up?

What do you know! We finally got rain on Tuesday morning! It was fantastic! After being so dried it started with strong wind, bringing dark clouds loaded with cold water and then it rained buckets! 96 more words


Striking A Pensive Pose

This male House Finch perched on the branch and struck a rather pensive pose.  He is a handsome fellow. :)


Big to Little

A male House Finch.

A nice comparison in size from yesterdays Eagles!


Monthly Journal - November, 2016

It’s been a warm, dry fall so far.  With the drought, birds and critters have appreciated the water in birdbaths and the pond.   But the drought was broken as reported in our previous post, and we have started hearing toads again at night. 75 more words

Monthly Journal

The Guessing Game: Identifying a fledgling bird

So I’m currently working at a vet as a veterinary nurse in training. Sometimes clients bring me birds and rodents as they know that I will take them in and raise them. 337 more words

What's Up?

After spending several days of relaxing, overeating , having an out of State visitor at home and Tyler on a week vacation. It’s obvious that I survived, but it has been days of serious indulging! 104 more words