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On Watch

A handsome House Finch male keeping a eye of his surroundings.


Backyard Birds in the Fall

I filled up our backyard feeder with sunflower seeds to help out the birds when it is so windy and cold. They came within minutes, and I took the following shots of two of our regular fall visitors. 13 more words


The Softness of Time

A female House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus) is looking a little forlorn with the first snow of the year a week or so ago!


Puffed Up

A pretty House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus) On this cold day he was all puffed up against the cold. In the cold, birds puff up like this so the space between their feathers can be warmed by their body, keeping them warm. 7 more words


House Finch

Pictures: Just a lone House Finch toady.

Exercise: I am now off for a couple of days. I did walk two miles yesterday.

Moved: After getting back from my walk yesterday morning I decided it was moving day (kind of in a matter of a few minutes, it hits me like that sometimes) so I packed up, hook-upped and hit the road! 99 more words


Sparrow and Finch

Pictures: Here is a shot of a White-crowned Sparrow and a House Finch.

Exercise: Carol and I walked 3.3 miles this morning.

Night Folks