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Great Backdrop

A House Finch hen on one of our feeders.  I thought his was a great backdrop.  The bird feeder was there before the flower, which is a Rose of Sharon.



A lovely House Finch hen, waiting her turn at the feeder in our back yard.  The feeder has been quite busy these days, with lots of fledglings about.  Such pretty little things.


Four Birds

Pictures: Four mixed birds today.

The Bullock’s Oriole still likes to visit for a drink now and again.

Here is a House Finch and a Lesser Gold Finch. 43 more words


Attracting Fruit-eating Birds

There are many birds, such as waxwings, that have a frugivorous (strictly fruit-eating) diet.  The only time they usually expand their diet to include insects is during the breeding season, when growing hatchlings require high amounts of protein for proper development.  222 more words

House Finch

Pictures: The most common feeder bird ever, House Finch :) Female and male.

Weather: Starting to warm up a bit.

Exercise: Walked my two miles.

Night folks


3 July 2016 - no casualties

I was away and unable to keep track of casualties at the Noble Research Center from 6/22–7/2.  On my check today (7/3), the carcasses of Tufted Titmouse, House Finch, and Yellow-billed Cuckoo were all gone. 49 more words

Noble Research Center