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Procrastination: Exhibit A

I’m “supposed” to be working on my middle-grade revisions, but am having a hard time getting motivated. As in, I haven’t touched it at all today. 114 more words

Friday Haiku

The fall equinox
leaves losing hold of their green.
Soon, naked branches.

House Finch

Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order: Passeriformes Suborder: Passeri Parvorder: Passerida Family: Fringillidae Subfamily: Carduelinae Genus: Haemorhous Species: H. mexicanus Binomial name… 10 more words

Winging it all back home*

We’re still way below our usual numbers, but birds are starting to show up at the feeder again. However, many seem to prefer the top of the pole to the actual feeder dish. 21 more words

Don't Eat the Flowers

A male House Finch eating the sweet flowers of the Butterfly Bush.



I usually have birds on my other blog, but I like this one so much.  It’s a pair of House Finches.  Females and juveniles.  I’m sitting here thinking of different captions:  Go South young lady, go south;  there’s really good food over that way; etc.   15 more words



We are all ephemeral. Some more than others. Like sunlight glinting on a dragonfly wing, like a leaf quivering on a soft whoosh of air, a water strider walks on water and vanishes down stream. 376 more words