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House Finch pictures from 2012

Some pictures that I took of a Male House Finch accompanied by a Male Eastern Bluebird back in 2012. It was probably one of the first outings with a digital camera for me.


On Our House Finches in Residence

Sometimes it can feel as though our campus has become an extension of the woods. We are surrounded by nature here, with plenty of ponds and fields and forests that are home to woodland creatures of all sorts. 1,127 more words


And the Orchestra Resumes

The Loudest Performance Of The Year

It’s still a little cold out, not freezing though close enough.   But it’s warm enough for birds to migrate back to this area.   254 more words



I love these little birds, the house finches are around all year and they are very vibrant in color. They are common throughout in North America and can be found in parks, urban areas, farms, forest edges, and at bird feeders. 72 more words


What's Up?

This post is more like a report of what’s been happening in my backyard. And of course, I’ve been very busy working outside also, trimming shrubs, grasses, lawns etc. 322 more words


Look Outside my Window!

Seems like our weather is beginning to cooperate by giving us full days of delicious warm temperatures. I was out doing some trimming of high grasses and the whole exercise felt very good. 181 more words