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House Hunters Irrational

Blind people watching House Hunters must think we have a real housing crisis on our hands.  I don’t know what else you possibly could think if you just heard someone walk into a move-in-ready, $550,000 home and say something like, “well this all has to be ripped out and updated.”  Ripped out and updated?   715 more words


Yesterday. I loved yesterday.

The morning started with a closing…as my clients, a recently-married young couple, closed on the purchase of their first home. There are few things sweeter than buyers receiving their first set of keys! 545 more words

Homeward Bound

This entry was originally posted on 02 May 2014.

About a month ago we put an offer on a house, which was accepted, and since have been running around like crazy to get everything we need done and squared away.   597 more words

Looking at Houses

This entry was originally posted on 04 Mar 2014

Will and I viewed three houses over the weekend with his daughter and our realtor.  It was our first time bringing Astra along, which made for a different experience.   531 more words

The Awkwardness of Rejection

This entry was originally posted on 25 Feb 2014

Rejection is a bizarre feeling, one that seems to transcend subject matter all while remaining the same in every aspect.   594 more words

House Hunting

This entry was originally posted on 22 Feb 2014.

The boyfriend and I went house hunting with our realtor once again today, and we found what we were looking for.   431 more words

House Hunt (SPOILERS)

I am so glad the crazy crew is back!  “New Girl” always makes me laugh.

In “House Hunt,” Aly’s sister, Leslie, was Schmidt and Cece’s realtor.   117 more words