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So, remember on Monday when Paul and I said we were going to hold off on the house hunting until October when our lease is up? 523 more words


There's a reason we can't find a house, and it's to do with the garden...

We had three friends – a Kenyan, a Ugandan and a Tanzanian – come into our house for a visit and they were amazed at the children’s books on the coffee table, the basket of toys in the living room, and the posters around the house of daily routines, … 461 more words

Written By Tamie

Lesson 5: Machine à laver

I’ve been building up to this post. I think the washing machine situation is probably the entire reason I decided to write these posts because it is such a phenomena here I had to ensure I never forgot… 376 more words


Lesson 4: The Orange Slips

So I’ve just come back from two weeks away with work. Surprisingly hefty amount of post and as I start to look through it, I discover at least half of it contains an orange slip…buggar. 202 more words


Update (December 2017 to April 2018)

Hey Readers,

Sorry for leaving everyone in the dark. Been a busy past few months – let me get you up to speed.

In December we made an offer on a townhouse here in San Diego. 168 more words

Lesson 2: Ikea

Alright, no-one needs a lesson in Ikea. We all know its the Marmite of adult life but it seems theres a few nuisances I wasn’t aware of. 239 more words


Lesson 1: House Hunting

Its probably best to document my learnings, in lessons. So here we are, the first major ‘to do’ after flying in – find some place to live. 342 more words