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Anatomy of a Finale: A Tribute to "Beyond Life and Death"

There is something unquestionably special about the Season Two finale of TWIN PEAKS. Aside from the fact that it is my all time favourite episode of the show, it marks the return of David Lynch to the Director’s chair and thus carries his particular flavour, without which, the show and it’s legacy would be extremely different. 1,400 more words

David Lynch

Probe of Alzheimer’s follows paths of infection

Sixth in an occasional series on how Harvard researchers are tackling the problematic issues of aging.

What if the bad-boy protein of Alzheimer’s disease — amyloid beta — isn’t so bad after all? 1,418 more words

Science & Health

‘House’ Quotes For When You Need Shut Down A Know It All Co-Worker

Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) may have been the head of Diagnostic Medicine on House, but that doesn’t mean he was a team player. In fact, House regularly had to deal with coworkers who thought they knew just as much if not more than he did when it came to those hard-to-treat cases. 791 more words


Fallout 4 Meets House M.D.

I’m doing my second play-through of Fallout 4. The first time I did it, I played as a woman, as I am a woman, and I made decisions and responded to characters based on how I would personally make decisions or respond. 1,151 more words

Winner Takes All (House, MD)

Summary:  House’s office is a beacon for late night sex, with scotch drinking, and poker playing. Definitely SMUT HouseCameron
Pairing:  Greg House/Allison Cameron 1,614 more words

House MD

Friend In Need (House, MD)

Fandom: House, MD
Relationships: Allison Cameron/Greg House, Allison Cameron/Greg House/James Wilson
Characters: Allison Cameron, Greg House, James Wilson
Summary: S2Set after Clueless. He likes to plot and plan. 5,632 more words

House MD


This is my blog that I will be posting my stories and musings. Its not meant to be any kind of a professional site. The stories I have written are very much at the novice level and while I hope to improve I have a realistic attitude and know my limitations. 242 more words

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