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The Beginning of the End (Part 5)

I’m finally reaching the point where I’m not sure what part I am in (is it 5? 6? 3? 14?), but  at least I don’t have to remember where I left off: the hospital. 343 more words


The Beginning of the End (Part 4)

Last time I ended with a trip to the hospital:

It was late at night and I remember being the only one in the emergency room along with my parents. 980 more words


CDC TV: Government agency gives Hollywood free scriptwriting advice

I spent a highly entertaining night chuckling over the juvenile antics of the Refutations to Anti-vax memes Facebook page, and came across a picture of Dr. 593 more words


5 Search Terms That Made My Saturday

The internet is really the biggest human museum of our times. It allows you deep insight into the functioning of the human brain (and a bundle of giggles while you’re at it). 506 more words

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I'm Back

So I took a bit of a hiatus.  Partly due to the fact that the books I had recently read weren’t review quality.

But mostly due to the fact that I’ve been sick for the past 2.5 months…

Its a parasite


Proof of a lot of things, no proof of life

Months back, the trailer of TNT’s newest medical drama Proof didn’t promise a lot of excitement. Unfortunately, it’s not surprising, with the pilot episode not presenting much to cheer about either. 552 more words


A Hypochondriac's Nightmare

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…

I suffer from Selective Squeamish Disorder, or SSD.  This “condition,” let’s call it that, has no telethon with dancing bears or  a single late night television commercials with that Harbinger of Sadness, Sara McLaughlin, to draw attention to our plight. 407 more words

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