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TV Review: Pure Genius

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Review: Pilot

Medical Dramas are an incredibly popular genre. From St. Elsewhere to ER to House MD, there always seems to be a long-running medical drama on TV. 274 more words

10 Good-Doctor Traits

Do you like your doctor?

I recently was lucky enough to find a new family doctor, a complete lifesaver (not literally)! After having gone to the same doctor for about eight years, I had finally realized the super long trip out to Kanata was not worth the hassle. 217 more words


Ward Rounds, Bloods and flying stethoscopes...

Medical dramas on TV were my favourite because I always imagined myself to be like Turk from Scrubs – cool and smart, or Dr. House – grumpy but loveable or Meredith from Grey’s anatomy – dramatic and brilliant, her hair always perfect. 578 more words

Life As A Medical Student

Dr. Gregory House from House MD. Any fans?

I have been a fan of this character for years now. It was therefore inevitable that I end up drawing a sketch of him.
Pencil Art

Wilson's Final Days (House M.D. fan fiction series) - Intro

I’m starting a series continuing the end of the House M.D. television series where House and Wilson ride down the road in the motorcycles with one on the lam and the other with a terminal disease. 795 more words


How House M.D. Changed My Life

The year was 2007. I’d recently graduated from high school – and if I’m going to be honest with myself, my senior year was a very difficult year for me (but more on that in a later issue). 1,034 more words

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson