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Buying our first home

Hello from CannyCat! As I sit on my sofa on a warm summers evening with the curtains pulled closed and some batman playstation game that my husband is playing, is on in the background…. 348 more words


And We are Back!!!!

I know that we have been rather quiet over the past couple of weeks and honestly its not because we were short of things to blog about. 806 more words

Our Thoughts

Annual returns

I am (stoically) directing my eyes full-beam ahead, despite the obstacle course of things (legal, medical, financial, housing) I am negotiating. And, head and shoulders above all of this horse trading and waiting remains the impending death of my close friend. 297 more words

Cinnamon buns for Theresa

The things I do for Theresa Breslin! At the moment, as you may be aware, I’m in the process of having a new kitchen put in. 200 more words


What's been happening?!

Well all I can say is it’s very lucky that my blog is a hobby and not a business! Sometimes when life gets busy you just have to put some things aside knowing that one day (especially if it’s something you really enjoy) you will come back to it, so, here I am :) A big thank you to those of you who have kept following Treats and Things. 607 more words


The Move to Ifield

We had lived in an utterly remote area near Wadhurst. Then, in 1949, the owner wanted his house empty and we had to move. The new home was in a village called Ifield. 319 more words


Yes, we have no kitchen today

Or tomorrow. Possibly some sort of kitchen next week. Maybe.

But that’s beside the point. It will be like childbirth, I suspect. Horrible while it lasts, but nice enough once you’ve got what you wanted. 226 more words