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Blitz. And a place called Hope

Well, more of a war of attrition really, but after some extremely hard work on behalf of Ann, double digging this plot and removing at least three wheelie bin loads of roots and weeds, the… 967 more words


That’s correct, the service for the christening is free, we are more than happy to accept a donation, either cash or cheque – said with a cheeky glint in his eye as our local vicar still continued to use my wife’s mobile phone as a coaster for his green tea.

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House packing : A must have items list

Apart from muscle power for lifting, one always wonders what items are necessary for efficient and professional grade packing for stuff, from kitchenware to garden furniture. 113 more words

House Move

The Secret Room

I know this is a luxury ‘problem,’ but the other week I discovered that Bookwitch Towers is a five bedroom house. And I feel slightly idiotic not have realised this before. 156 more words


Positivity in a survival situation

Ok so it’s not quite a survival situation but it felt pretty hopeless a few hours ago!

We found out some more news today which means our house sale is unlikely to go through before our wedding in 7weeks time. 414 more words


When Things Go Wrong

Some things are just too humiliating, but after the supportive reaction I had on Facebook with my family and friends, I thought I would be brave and share this here as well. 324 more words

House Move

The View from Here: rain, pongs, and problems solved

Harri pulled me from sleep this morning.  Her persistence finally overcoming my resistance, I left the warmth of B and the duvet and climbed upstairs.  I knew from the light – or lack of it – that it must be wet outside and it is.  217 more words

House Move