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English Hunting Party Chair


I have a home! Whoop whoop! As I write this I’m in bed, in my room, in my house, yay! It’s an old style Irish home with a junk room, lounge room and kitchen on the bottom floor. 293 more words


My Childhood House is Empty

Just as it was when we moved in and just the opposite of when we occupied it, it’s completely barren. It’s almost a relief, oddly. Maybe because I can move on easier from that period in my life, forget how my mother left me and my sisters (they’re twins) for some guy she met on a dating website a few years ago. 174 more words

My Life

I Slept Well for Once

So I fell asleep around 10am after giving into sex early in the morning, which I usually don’t do because I’m lazy. It’s okay because I just turned over and he loves it from behind anyway. 259 more words

My Life

Knock yourself out

In a frenzy to “nest” in my new space…I have comprehensively mastered the art of head in the clouds. Each time I go into my understairs cupboard I bang my head on the low entrance and…again, on exiting. 108 more words

The Quickest Year In History...

This time {to the date} we got the keys to our new house. It was an amazing day. It was a long awaited purchase and it meant we were free of two flights of stairs {although they were not huge!} A huge maintenance charge bill every six months and the lack of space. 360 more words


Rosie the Riveter...the Oxford version

You might have thought that I would be knee deep in boxes and wondering where to put things… However, instead I am exploring previously unknown foodie websites and discovering ingredients and kitchen equipment that looks pretty essential for my new home… 213 more words

July 2015 - In which the Mad Hatter says: Change places!


This has been quite the month.  Comings, goings…all very exhausting for the grown ups but nothing short of an adventure for you.  We finished up the last of the packing and said goodbye to our little house and so long to your first bedroom… 454 more words