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A last gasp denizen of Iffley Fields

My hair – which I am not complaining about…I will never again complain about a headful of hair, however blowsy. However it seems to have arranged itself in a style which reminds me (and others) of a poodle. 219 more words

"Black clouds lumbered off westward like ghosts of buffalo"

How perfect an analogy is that? Despite the fact that I have a funeral to attend; a house to pack up; a decree absolute to wait for; another hospital appointment to attend alongside a fridge of diminishing content AND extremely grumpy cats…it does feel like the fog is lifting. 148 more words

Too skinny...what's that about?

The ritual hospital parking nightmare…no spaces….park somewhere…worry exponentially about being clamped/fined/tarred and feathered (or…all of the above). Then, I sit in front of the oncologist and wait for my results to load…shift about in my seat, sense erratic breathing and then and only¬†then the “only bad” news from the CT scan is that I am “too skinny…”¬† 27 more words

The Full Monty

The week has grown more and more stressful – my varying problems combining to make me forget (until I was called to be reminded) about my Herceptin treatment on Monday. 189 more words

Living in a box

Packing up a house and dissolving a marriage was never going to be easy. Every day I discard an endless amount of both clutter and treasures. 92 more words

Buying our first home

Hello from CannyCat! As I sit on my sofa on a warm summers evening with the curtains pulled closed and some batman playstation game that my husband is playing, is on in the background…. 348 more words


And We are Back!!!!

I know that we have been rather quiet over the past couple of weeks and honestly its not because we were short of things to blog about. 806 more words

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