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Positivity in a survival situation

Ok so it’s not quite a survival situation but it felt pretty hopeless a few hours ago!

We found out some more news today which means our house sale is unlikely to go through before our wedding in 7weeks time. 414 more words


When Things Go Wrong

Some things are just too humiliating, but after the supportive reaction I had on Facebook with my family and friends, I thought I would be brave and share this here as well. 324 more words

House Move

Lost & Found

I have four drawers in my dressing table. When the removal men carried up the path to the bungalow, a drawer opened the the contents spilled out. 208 more words

House Move

The Day of the Move

For the weeks preceding the day of the move all I wanted to do was go to bed because it couldn’t come quick enough.

When April 1st finally arrived, I felt I had stopped rushing forward and instead it was rushing towards me. 1,546 more words

House Move

2 Years In

The 11th April saw us marking two years in our home and me being the thinker I am was reflecting on this at 2am during a night feed. 456 more words


On the Move...Funny what you find at the back of kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets.

I am now officially pooped and twisted sideways.  I have just finished cleaning all the kitchen cupboards, larder, fridge, freezer, under the sink (how many bottles of bleach do you need) and the bathroom cabinets. 348 more words

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I bought an orchard today

The builders did turn up – all six of them. At first it was a bit like the Chuckle Brothers meet Carry On Building, but with some guidance, they managed to get a long way yesterday. 269 more words

House Sale