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New house, new start.

Well………..what a few weeks its been!

Bit of a catch up first for you.

Back in January the hubby and I split up. It’d been several months of him sleeping on the sofa, unpleasant atmosphere and general “This isn’t working” feeling all round so he moved out. 738 more words


Workspace Blog Hop

Pamela nominated me to take part in the Workspace Blog Hop back in September last year, sharing where we each work and write. Recently Alienora… 839 more words


The Stressful Things Of Life

So much has happened in the last few weeks that I don’t really know where to start. I mentioned it before disappearing into a whirlwind of life-changing events, but we’ve just ticked a couple of boxes of Most Stressful Things You Could Face In Life. 709 more words


So where have I been?

A lot has been going on since my last update. In no order of priority I have moved house, injured my ACL on both knees, suffered from chest pains and anxiety and have joined a brilliant new gym, which ironically i am perfectly fine at with no issues. 155 more words


A forced holiday

Here at the new house we have no wifi, it wasn’t deliberate. These things just never seem to switch over smoothly. Also, where we live now seems to be in a phone-signal-free zone. 166 more words

The well-travelled library bed

I spoke too soon. It could be that Son would quite like the hifi somewhere in that room. The – ahem – library-cum-guestroom-cum-firstborn’s bedroom. We’ll have to see. 276 more words


Almost there

And here they are, the ‘final’ shelves with actual books on them. Son is coming to inspect ‘his’ room, and the question is whether he will approve.  142 more words