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Moving house begins with F

and that’s for frustration.
We had a good day yesterday,  getting house insurance, water supply account,  and energy supplier all sorted out.
Today, it has been red tape bows, knots, strangle holds and shredded ribbons with the existing energy supplier who I contacted as a courtesy to let them know they would not be our supplier after three weeks. 155 more words


Hear, hear

I can barely admit it, but I sent the Resident IT Consultant to the tip with – nearly – all the audio books last week. He was reluctant, and it wasn’t because of the trip to the tip as such. 346 more words


Writers Block

Bit of a personal blog today.

For the first time in my writing life I’m hitting a real block.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had writers block before, at least the kind of writer’s block where I sit down of an evening and can’t churn out the words. 304 more words


Being brave and (literally) moving on - part 1

It’s very nearly three years since my ex-husband left the family home. From the point it became clear that this was permanent, one of my most fierce battles has been to maintain as much stability and as little material change for the children as I can muster. 527 more words

How CheckMyStreet Can Help you Find the Perfect Home

Planning on moving? Looking for a new home where you and your family can feel safe? Tired of visiting each neighborhood to map out the different bus stops and train stations? 479 more words


Why CheckMyStreet can help you make the most of your move

The information revolution is here and having the right information about the area you want to buy a house or move to can make your life a whole lot easier. 433 more words


Movin' on up

The proverbial ‘they’ do say that the three most stressful things are weddings, a new baby and moving house. We are nearly-sort-of-not-quite hitting all three this week- so you can see why it has taken me a bit of jiggery pokery to get sat down in front of this keyboard at all recently. 1,113 more words

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