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Enlightenment without Words | Review of "Sidewalk Flowers" by JonArno Lawson and Sydney Smith (2015) Groundwood Books/House of Anansi Press

It is difficult to imagine a poet bringing a story to life without words. And it hard for us adults to imagine being moved by such a story in a book form. 364 more words

Cursed by Living in 'Interesting' Times | Review of "Under the Hawthorn Tree" by Ai Mi/Translated by Anna Holmwood (2013) House of Anansi

The expression “May you be cursed by living in interesting times” has been attributed to the Chinese. No doubt by their history, they have had their share of interesting times. 742 more words

"I like that kids have fewer filters, and they really don't care about your reputation" | Q&A with poet/writer JonArno Lawson

I admire writers who can appeal to different audiences. JonArno Lawson is one such writer. He has written for both adults and children with a zeal that is infectious that anybody would want to continue to read more of his work. 1,718 more words

Querying the Quiet |Review of "The Quiet" by Anne-Marie Turza (2014) House of Anansi Press

We have all experience moments around us when things are quiet. A hush surrounds us and we become lost in our thoughts until a little sound disturbs us. 523 more words

Inside the Buggy Mind of an Immigrant | Review of "Cockroach" by Rawi Hage (2008) House of Anansi Press

We all have a notion of what it is like to be an immigrant to our country. Usually it is based on the stories of people who came before us. 1,006 more words

Garth Martens

Garth Martens’ writing has appeared in Poetry Ireland Review, This Magazine, The Fiddlehead, Prism, Vallum, Grain, The Malahat Review, and The Times Colonist. In 2011 he won the Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers, a national prize administered by The Writers’ Trust of Canada for the best writer under thirty-five who has not yet published a book. 311 more words

Visiting Authors

"I noticed a blip in the archives where photos which resemble modern photojournalism were missing" | Q&A with novelist/poet Mark Lavorato

Mark Lavorato (ML) has just published his third novel Serafim and Claire (Link to my review hereand has been garnishing great acclaim. He is currently living in Montreal where along with several writing projects on the go, he is an active musician and photographer. 863 more words