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The Outside Circle

Powerful. Heartbreaking. Educational.

Pete, a young man of the Cree Nation of Canada, lives with his mother and younger brother, Joey, in the city of Edmonton in Alberta. 457 more words

The Whispers of a Silent Artifact | Review of "The Place of Shining Light" (2015) by Nazneen Sheikh - House of Anansi

The draw that certain artworks have on us is uncanny. It is like certain deep messages or feelings seem to ooze from those artifacts that enlighten our spirits in almost unspoken ways. 1,055 more words

Canadian Literature

"Writing is so completely isolating and lonely that I need to be able to step into a crowded street when I step away from my computer." | Q&A with writer Robert Hough

The beauty of doing this blog is that it helps me keep track of writers I enjoy. And there are a lot of them whom I have enjoyed reading but whose recent works I haven’t been aware of. 1,143 more words

"A woman shared her experience on how the book had impacted her, and how important it was, she was also visibly emotional as she told us this." | Q&A with Illustrator Kelly Mellings of The Outside Circle

Graphic novels have a certain immediacy to them. And when they deal with social issues, their impact can be truly effective and enlightening. The skill behind their creation is an interesting one, as Kelly Mellings, illustrator of… 1,657 more words

A Well-Crafted Memoir which Enlightens | Review of "In-Between Days" by Teva Harrison (2016) House of Anansi

We live our lives in too fast a pace. We want everything at once and we want it now. So what do we do when something horrid comes along and stops us in our tracks. 915 more words


When Teva Harrison was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 37, she did everything she could to turn back the clock: she became vegan, started juicing, smoking pot, burning incense, and drinking potions made of flaxseed oil and  turmeric. 462 more words

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