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The Trouble with Binge-Watching

When Game of Thrones first came out back in 2010, it took all my willpower to refrain from watching each new episode. I’d learned my lesson over the years: the long wait, week after week, would be excruciating. 1,903 more words


Our Top Boxsets to watch on Maternity Leave

Catastrophe: Available on 4OD. After a brief week of passion together, American Rob and Irish Sharon discover they are going to have a baby. The first series deals with Rob moving to the UK to see if they can make this brief relationship work. 940 more words

House of Cards: You'll Never Trust the Government Again

Okay, so I’m going to tell you the truth, my lovely bingers. I did not get to finish my show that I was watching this week. 666 more words

House of Cards (part 2 )

Frank initially meets Zoe Barnes from an unexpected visit she made to his house. While there, Zoe made a proposal that could be a win-win situation for the both of them; she offered to be like Frank’s anonymous voice in the press to allow him an advantage over his political opponents which would boost her career status as a reporter. 452 more words


Top Netflix Shows of 2016

2016 has been another great year for television and in this post I would like to share with you my favourite shows from this year (and previous ones) in no particular order: 656 more words

Breaking Bad

Netflix Originals: A Personal Timeline (Part One)

By: Hannah Bernabe

When Netflix began to create original shows around 2012, I immediately loved the new kind of television storytelling the online viewing website contained. 795 more words


One TV Show a Month


A Congressman works with his equally conniving wife to exact revenge on the people who betrayed him. 236 more words

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