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I have lost myself in the wonderful land of television for as long as I can remember. If I were to recount every episode of a program I have watched in my 22 years, the number would surely be too high to say. 145 more words

my first month is over

How nuts is that? This week marked my fourth week as a peds nurse, and even though I’m way busier and often getting home later, I’m absolutely loving it. 207 more words

House of Cards - Season 3

What is it?

The third series of Netflix’s first original and most prestigious drama

What is it really?

A program that’s easy to gorge even though it lacks nutritional value… 916 more words

Good Show!

Oldermost leads us to consider our addiction to TV

Keeping up with all of the TV shows that I want to watch can be a challenge. Sometimes I find myself frustrated that I’m not up to date on… 793 more words


House of Cards Season 3: Immediate Reactions

So, compared to the final shots of the first two seasons, this season of House of Cards went out on a bit more of a whimper than I’m used to.   1,250 more words

Random Thoughts

Folding After the Flop: The Problems with Netflix's "House of Cards"

Shriya’s put all her cards on the table — now it’s my turn to show.

Every so often, my dad and I share interest in the same television shows. 2,473 more words



I honestly didn’t want to write a blogpost today.  The main reason being that I’m not in a peppy mood, but why should blogging only be about happy thoughts when reality is that human beings experience a full range of emotions? 367 more words