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The Whiter The Better

Probably you saw this MANGO dress already on my Instagram but I can’t help using it again and again. I love the way it moves when I walk, how I can “play” with it and especially because it’s the kind of chiffon dress that looks well in everybody. 25 more words

My Style

Location, Location, Location

Where.  How.

You know what they say.

Does it seem to you that these days, where one shoots appears to be of greater importance than what one actually shoots?  386 more words



Merging of worlds.

When two or four become one.

My starting words just formed the premise for a porn flick.  Sigh.  Completely unplanned, I swear.  These things just happen.  578 more words


Closet Wars: Totally Forgot I Had Them

What does it say when you FORGET you even had something hiding in the secret corners of your unexplored closet?

I guess it means, “uh your ass doesn’t need anymore STUFF!” 53 more words


Perfectly Flawed + A Link-Up

We’re all perfectly flawed mortals

In search of enlightenment.

That we are. We have dents.  We have bruises a-plenty.  There are chinks in our armour and cracks in our wall.  970 more words