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Is David Cameron actually seeking to destroy the Lords?

Yesterday’s new peerage appointments attracted almost universal criticism for further adding to the inexorable growth in size of the House of Lords under David Cameron. But could the gradual erosion of the Lords’ reputation actually benefit the government by weakening parliament? 1,513 more words


Parliament is a Complete Joke. A Case For Reform.

Parliament is a dry subject, an issue which doesn’t exactly capture the imagination of the average person. Having said that, it is an important one. Put simply, the top political institution in this country is so outdated, unrepresentative and ineffective that if it wasn’t such an important body it would be quite funny. 1,893 more words


Bishop of Southwark welcomes call for a constitutional convention

On 17th July 2015 the Bishop of Southwark, Rt Revd Christopher Chessun, spoke during the Second Reading debate of Lord Purvis of Tweed’s Constitutional Convention Bill… 935 more words


Debating the role of the second chamber

Having uploaded one video recently, I decided to follow it with another.  It is my speech in the debate on the report of the Joint Committee of the House of Lords Reform Bill in 2012.  90 more words

One Major Trouble with British Politics and an Idea for Improvement

Respect for politicians has never been lower and is getting even worse. Young people are disaffected with politics. Parties like UKIP become serious threats. The 2015 election campaign has been depressing.  1,000 more words


Cameron’s parliamentary challenge #2: Managing the Lords

As the fallout from the general election is dissected, some commentators have noted the challenges facing Cameron’s new government in managing the House of Commons with such small majority. 1,904 more words


The new government's constitutional reform agenda - and its challenges

Following the surprise election of a Conservative government with a small majority, Meg Russell and Robert Hazell offer an overview of the constitutional reforms which are likely to be prioritised and the associated difficulties that may arise. 1,667 more words