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Archive speeches: Bishop Tom Wright - 'The constitution is far more important than party politics.'

“Voting matters, but doing the job matters even more. The belief that only elected Members can have any sort of legitimacy, or that once someone has won a vote it gives them carte blanche to do whatever they like for the next five years, rings extremely hollow when it is precisely some of the elected Members in another place who have brought the system into disrepute. 2,658 more words


Tax Credits

The Government seemed to be hell-bent on two objectives:

  1. Imposing severe income cuts on those least able to accommodate such cuts
  2. A truly ghastly political car-crash…
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Making progress on reform

The House on Tuesday debated four motions relating to reform of the Lords.  The lead motion was moved by the Leader of the House, Baroness Stowell, recognising the case for incremental reform in dealing with the size of the House.  300 more words

Is David Cameron actually seeking to destroy the Lords?

Yesterday’s new peerage appointments attracted almost universal criticism for further adding to the inexorable growth in size of the House of Lords under David Cameron. But could the gradual erosion of the Lords’ reputation actually benefit the government by weakening parliament? 1,513 more words


Parliament is a Complete Joke. A Case For Reform.

Parliament is a dry subject, an issue which doesn’t exactly capture the imagination of the average person. Having said that, it is an important one. Put simply, the top political institution in this country is so outdated, unrepresentative and ineffective that if it wasn’t such an important body it would be quite funny. 1,893 more words