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After rereading Scott Westerfeld’s Peeps, I wanted to continue my teenage fascination with vampires with PC and Kristin Cast’s Marked, the first novel in the series. 137 more words

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So I was tagged on my bookstagram (@zilen.reads) to do the Top 5 female characters tag. And I can’t be more confused right now! It’s going to be a tad hard to choose, but I have my ideas. 546 more words


Burned [House of Night #7] by P.C.Cast : A review

Finally a good book from the House of Night series that is worthy of the time we spend reading it ! Burned was way better than the first 6 books (I can’t believe it took P.C.Cast 7 books to finally get it right!! 245 more words


POLL: What's The Best Vampire Series?

Remember when everyone was obsessed with vampires? Okay, maybe it’s still happening but it was definitely much more popular a few years back. Everyone has their own opinions about  46 more words

Vampire Academy

House of Night; Marked | Chapter 6

Beautiful, see the cloud, the cloud appear.

Beautiful, see the rain, the rain draw near…

The words of the ancient song floated through my mind. I must be dreaming about Grandma Redbird again. 2,683 more words

Book Rage Quit

Taylor Swift Book Tag

I’m not sure how I’m just now hearing about The Book Life‘s Taylor Swift Book Tag, but I am. And because I’m so totally on a “Bad Blood” kick at the moment, I feel like it would be a travesty against T-Swift herself if I didn’t participate. 479 more words


Burned: First Impressions

This book has a trailer!

I have nothing to say about the trailer.  It has the same generic sounding music, shiny lights, vague descriptions, and photoshopped pictures of the characters as all the other trailers.   1,021 more words

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