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Zoey Only Just Figured Out That The Villain Has Evil Plans: House of Night Untamed Chapter 6

Aphrodite and Stevie Rae continue to fight over which one is Zoey’s biggest BFF for the third goddamn chapter in a row. Coincidentally, we just put up an exclusive post… 1,264 more words


'Ah, Hell' is Zoey's New, Awful Catch Phrase: House of Night, Untamed Chapter 5

Zoey’s just received alarming news that her death might bring about a horrific war between vampires and humans. Death! Destruction! A world where Zoey ceases to exist and no one has the chance to be one of her many boyfriends! 1,449 more words


The Lazy Reader's Guide: November 16-November 20, 2015

I’m doing our Lazy Reader’s Guide this week! That thing where we quickly sum up the chapters we read this week and share any extra fun stuff that’s been going on. 853 more words


Nevermind, Aphrodite's Not Normal Yet: House of Night Untamed Chapter 4

Guess what? I’m on vacation visiting friends in Nashville! I have been in Nashville since my last post on Friday! If I found out you guys threw any crazy parties while I was gone, I’m gonna be so mad. 709 more words


Awkward Introductions: House of Night, Untamed Chapter 3

House of Night, Untamed, Chapter 3:

Stark joins Zoey and pals for lunch, which goes as hilariously as you’d expect.

“I think your dog is pretty,” Jack said, leaning around Damien to get a better look at Duchess.

1,298 more words

The Lazy Reader's Guide: November 9 - November 13, 2015

Here’s the rundown on what you might have missed in our posts this week, or if you just need a refresher before reading next week’s posts. 426 more words



Well, it’s Friday again and somehow two whole Fridays have passed since I have posted one of these. Please, blogging Gods, do not smite me yet for I am in my prime. 610 more words