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When Alan Grayson Bucked Dems to Back Ebola Travel Ban, His Girlfriend Had Skin in Cure Game

Now, theyre married, and shes running for the congressional seat hes giving up.”>Despite assurances from public health officials that the chances of an American contacting Ebola were beyond remote, elected officials preyed on the publics fear. 10 more words


New Bill Focuses on Testing Students for Dyslexia

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo (KMOX) – A task force in the Missouri House of Representatives had its first hearing on testing students for dyslexia.

The goal of House Bill 2379 is to determine how and when students in Missouri public schools should be tested. 153 more words


Show Me, Missouri

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign went into serious decline on September 26, after his disastrous debate with Hillary Clinton. The decline was so steep that the infamous videotape of Donald Trump and Billy Bush, released on October 7, had relatively little additional effect on the presidential probabilities. 619 more words

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Twenty-sixth Amendment

Today, we’re looking at the Twenty-sixth Amendment as we work our way through the Constitution and its amendments.

This post is part of a series that will make more sense if it is read in order. 425 more words


Republicans Likely to Keep the House

In August, I wrote a column suggesting Republicans could lose the House of Representatives. The crux of my argument was that if GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump badly loses the election, he could drag down other Republicans, including members of the House. 724 more words

Hillary Clinton

How the U.S. Congress can derail a presidency, no matter who wins

Whether it’s Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton pulling a moving truck up to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. this November, the next president of the United States will likely┬áhave to contend with┬ásome cranky Washington neighbours. 917 more words


Constitution Sunday: Answers to Mason's "Objections": "Marcus" [James Iredell] I

Answers to Mason’s “Objections”: “Marcus” I

Norfolk and Portsmouth Journal (Virginia), February 20, 1788

Following are excerpts from James Iredell’s responses to George Mason’s “Objections” to the Constitution: 985 more words