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7 Years Should Have Been 8

Nothing highlights how haphazard, ill-conceived, and doomed the Obamacare repeal is quite like scheduling the repeal on the 7th anniversary of its passage.

I’m not knocking the symbolism, per se. 729 more words

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Opponents Rally Against GOP Healthcare Plan

CLAYTON, MO (KMOX)-As the House of Representatives prepared to vote on the G.O.P. healthcare bill Friday, more than three-dozen demonstrators rallied against it outside Republican Missouri Sen. 298 more words


Will Trump's Bullying Force Trumpcare's Passage?

If Republican members of the House listen to their constituents, Trumpcare will fail today. That’s a big ‘if’ because for Republicans, party comes first. Associated with that fact, is Trump’s tactic of bullying others to support his proposals. 173 more words

Trump Calls Their Bluff!!!

Trump is now demonstrating that “The Art of the Deal” that he always has in mind involves no “artistry.”  For, diplomacy is a kind of artistry and he dabbled with it for a moment and then ran into a childish willfulness just as stubborn as his—the Republican caucus.  292 more words

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Donald Trump Tweets First Shot On Trumpcare Vote Day

Donald Trump tweeted his opening shot at House Freedom Caucus Republicans, who are still holding out on casting a “yes” vote for Trumpcare.

Yesterday’s vote, scheduled to coincide with the 7th anniversary of the signing of Obamacare, got scrubbed when House Speaker Paul Ryan and crew realized they still did not have the numbers, despite Trump having met with the ultra-conservative faction to art-of-the-deal them. 264 more words

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Learn the Best Way to Talk to Your Congressional Representatives

Reposting in case you missed it the first time.

Congress is about to do something that you feel strongly about. You need to tell your representatives what you think. 611 more words

Trump's Business Approach

Here’s a surprise:  Congress is mired in disputes about the new legislation that is supposed to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act (or at least claims to do something to deal with the ongoing problems with President Obama’s signature legislation).   439 more words