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Your Real Brand Ambassadors Are Not Who You Think

Who are your brand ambassadors? If you think it is your sales people you, my friend, are dead wrong.

Let me tell you a little story about a house renovation project. 857 more words

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Lessons Learned in the Rain at 4 a.m.

At four this morning my husband and I  heard a tick, ticking sound coming from the direction of his dresser. I assumed that my husband had accidentally set an alarm on his new phone, or that his old phone had somehow come back to life and was about to explode. 751 more words

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Investing In New Espresso Kitchen Cabinets Is A Smart Overall Decision In A Kitchen Remodel

An investment in a brand new espresso kitchen cabinets or a remodeled kitchen is certain to reap many rewards down the road. It dramatically increases the value of your own home, while also making your home more useful overall. 1,268 more words

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A Slow Wake-up

Dear Reader,

It’s been a while. The farm has been asleep for a long time. Frozen in place is probably nearer the mark.

It was quite an eye-opener for a town girl like me (who’s town happens to be in a wooded part of the state) to go through a winter like the last in the middle of the country. 829 more words


Just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who took the time to respond and share your thoughts with me on my last post.  17 more words

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From Dining Room to Playroom

Now that Jimmie is on the move (still army crawling), we decided we should give him a little more space. We had our one (and only one) table in the dining room of our town home. 332 more words

Inspiration vs. Jealousy

If all goes as planned {and it never does}, we’re supposed to be moving into our house this summer. After years of looking for the right place, saving money, and now two years of rebuilding and remodeling–we’re finally almost there. 825 more words