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So, things have been pretty chaotic in my life and I have not updated the blog because….life. So, this morning I logged into WordPress to post an update and, WOW, my views were off the freaking chart. 195 more words

Remodeling your home: One room at a time

It can be tempting to take out a huge loan and remodel your entire house to be exactly what you want it to be. This is especially true if you are buying a new house and just want it to feel finished before you move in. 520 more words

Interior Decorating

The House Makeover/Remodel Still Isn't Finished...and Then We Bought a Boat!

Not much has happened on the house since I last blogged…way back in October! The holidays came and went, five pounds were gained and still haven’t left, we laid new flooring in the master bedroom and hallway, and I painted the hallway white to brighten it up.We still have one more bedroom, guest bathroom, and the kitchen area to lay new flooring. 228 more words


Flip House #3 Update

Hey everybody! I’m sorry for the super long hiatus from updating my blog. Now that we’ve made our official announcement I can share on here that the reason I have been so silent on here is because I’ve been incredibly sick the past few months. 893 more words

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The Kitchen Remodel

So many of us see all of these pins on Pintrest and want to do something in the home, up-cycle a piece of furniture, learn to sew awesome bibs, or even craft with mason jars, but how many of these do we really attempt and succeed at them. 241 more words

House Remodel.

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Hello & TGIF to all my lovely followers!! If you aren’t following The Little Island Farmhouse on Instagram (shame!) then you need to, but you should also follow us on Facebook for updates & photos that aren’t always on the blog. 91 more words


Things I hate and love in mom's remodeled house

Right off the bat, I need to state that the remodel took place two years ago. I was so disappointed by the outcome, that I never even thought about writing a blog post on the topic. 685 more words

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