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The stairs leading to our mudroom were rickety from the time we moved into this house. Somewhere in the house’s past a wheelchair rap was built and joined to the existing decking. 127 more words

It's Going Down, Springmill!

This always happens. My husband will get a text message or a phone call and he will casually mention that it was our neighbor. But, not OUR neighbor, the neighbor who lives next to the house we are flipping. 284 more words

Chasing the Light

Yesterday I woke to the most magical morning light; golden fingers dancing across autumn leaves lit the day with fire. I don’t like peeling out of bed in the morning—the covers are so warm and the world so cold—but I would wake with the dawn any day to catch the world clothed in amber. 360 more words


So I have this room...

Confession time: we’ve lived in this house for four years now and I still have a ton of unfinished spaces. Partially because of money, partially because of babies, partially because my motivation waxes and wanes unpredictably. 647 more words

House Plans

Our Weekend

This weekend was actually pretty lax for us. It started with a Halloween party at the YMCA. The My Little Pony costumes I’m working on weren’t really finished so I just stressed Izzy up in her play costume, which she still loved. 416 more words


When Houses Go Wrong/The Cat Urine House

You know you are in for a treat when the sign on the front door of the house you are about to look at reads: 675 more words

Living Room Update

We aren’t quite done with the kitchen (still need to put new floors in) but we decided to take a break and work on the living room this weekend. 185 more words

House Remodel