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To the Window to the Wall

UPDATE! We have new windows. Like all new windows. Not a single old one is still there. Including a giant new window installed in the living room. 157 more words

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Easy DIY project for the bathroom

I selected this for our master bath (our kids don’t use that bathroom) because I thought it was kinda funny. I like puns. Hehe.

Anyway I really like cheap and easy projects and this is both. 46 more words


How I FAILED at painting my tile Floor

Above on the right is the painted tile, on the left is unpainted tile

This is an idea I originally saw while scrolling through Pinterest about a year ago. 640 more words


Spray Painting bathroom fixtures

I love expensive things, but we don’t have the budget to support it right now, and we may never. I also knew what I wanted, and accepting that I can’t have the look I want because we couldn’t afford was also not an answer I was willing to accept. 293 more words


Back Yard Sitting Area

Our little house we’ve slowly made into a home has had many challenges. The back yard, and its large hill dividing the back yard in two has been one of the biggest and most challenging. 43 more words


Remodeling: The Key to Insanity

If you’ve ever remodeled a house (or even a room in a house), it’s ok to say it…

“What was I thinking?”

“Dearest loved ones, please excuse my slight lapse in judgment – remodeling was a terrible idea.” 450 more words

House Remodel

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measure inches, feet

¬†season can’t change crooked walls

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