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False Start....

The Butler house is in the home stretch. My husband was a tad optimistic about the house being ready to list today. Hahahaha. I will refrain from saying “I told you so.”  Maybe. 395 more words

We interrupt this blog...

Due to a whole house reflooring Sweetempranillo will return next week.  Have a glass of wine, or a cold beer for me as I am too tired and sore to stay awake long enough to enjoy one in the evening.   38 more words

Playing in the... Mud #atozchallenge

Dear Africa:

I was scratching my head digging deep into the recesses of my mind to unearth an “M.” I have it Mud! I have been elbow deep in mud so often this past 6 months. 155 more words

A To Z


Today I have been painting our master bedroom in anticipation of our new furniture to be delivered Monday. I’m so excited! I haven’t owned a bedframe in my entire adult life. 430 more words


Finally - a playroom!

I posted about half a million years ago about having a big room I wanted to turn into a playroom but not having the time or ability to finish it. 235 more words

House Remodel

More than a Man #poetry

Neither angel nor a fiend

can man be more or less

in life what he seems

it appears in death

he can be considerably more… 109 more words


Don't Live in Construction if You Can Help it!

Living in a construction zone is not for the feint of heart! So, in case you were wondering why we’re always exhausted, never visit, and have a hard time hosting dinners or guests at all… 512 more words