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Lights, lights, lights!

Since things are moving forward at a good pace, I don’t feel premature looking for fixtures – in fact our contractor said if we have a place to store them, it’s better to get them now so it doesn’t delay the project when it’s time to install them. 768 more words

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A Guest Post By Jon: Creating the Floor Plan

When we first bought our home, we learned that the previous owners initially had plans to expand the house into the backyard. They even saved us their blueprints (below) in case we wanted to follow the same plans. 1,411 more words

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Week 11

On Sunday, we spent almost the whole afternoon after church moving, packing, and storing furniture because our contractor said they intend on knocking down the walls in the next few weeks which means dust is about to get EVERYWHERE in our house. 106 more words

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Week 10

If I thought Week 9 was a good week, Week 10 just blew our minds. Our worksite was quite busy this past week with our workers coming every day, the inspector came on Monday (we passed thank the Lord!), a separate crew came to dispose all the old material (including all the old stucco that was removed as seen in the pics), and a huge truck came to drop off all the wood for the framing! 190 more words

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Choosing Renovate Paint and Design is always a sound decision when it comes to remodeling or painting your home.  An informed customer will always make the best decisions.  835 more words

Bathroom Remodel

Week 9

Any renovation project requires a lot of decision making. Like when we remodeled our bathroom and we had to choose the tile, the vanity, even the type of toilet. 427 more words

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Week 8

The inspector came on Monday (all the workers and our contractor were just sitting around waiting for him…me and Jon too since it was hard to relax knowing he was coming and not knowing what time…). 115 more words

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