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131. The sixth wall

There’s nothing like company coming for Easter dinner to inspire…

The crown is finished; the pocket door runs smoothly on its track and actually locks; … 80 more words

40s Houses

And for Bruce's Next Trick...

So on Wednesday my husband tried to saw me in half!

It may or may not have been because on Tuesday this is what dinner looked like: … 486 more words

Dans Son Jus!

Last week was such a social whirl it left my head spinning. After the move, Christmas, swiftly followed by the gastro, and then the fluĀ and finally several weeks of intense cleaning I felt it was high time to open my doors to all my french girl-friends and give them a guided tour! 437 more words


129. Cottage Move-in Day

It’s been a long time coming.

We dated our first day of work on the cottage: August 12, 2011.

1,310 days.

Sometimes there were days… 749 more words

Country Life

128. Perfectionism, Part 3: the struggle

Yes, (sigh) perfectionism has been addressed here before. Twice. Part 1 and Part 2.

The tension between
perfectionism the blessing
and perfectionism the curse… 199 more words

Country Life

118. Little things that make a house a home

We still have two houses that we call home.

It makes for confusion sometimes. Which house am I waking up in this morning? Where am I today? 211 more words

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